Gleanings Contents


  1. List of Coppingers, High Sheriffs of County Cork.

  2. List of Coppingers, Mayors of Cork.

  3. Coppingers who obtained Decrees of Innocents.

  4. Coppingers who obtained Certificates of Adventurers, Index Memoranda Rolls & Inquisitions

  5. Coppingers Outlawed in the County and City of Cork, 1641.

  6. Copingers Mentioned in Early Documents.

  7. Copingers Witnesses to Early Deeds and Documents.

  8. Marriage Licence Bonds (Irish).

  9. Certificates of Conformity Enrolled in the Convent Rolls.

  10. Entrance of Lord Mountjoy into Cork, 1603.

  11. Dispensation granted to John Copinger about 1609.

  12. Templenecarrigy Treasurer, 1591.

  13. John Fitz-Thomas of Desmond's Life Saved by a Coppinger.

  14. John Coppinger and Thomas Sarsfield.

  15. Extracts from Bennet's History of Bandon.

  16. Extracts from Gilbert's History of Cork.

  17. The Coppingers and Crokers of Lisnabrin.

  18. Descents of the Lords of Buxhall, County Suffolk.

  19. Tombs in London, and St. Mary's, Bury.

  20. John Copinger of Maidstone.

  21. Rochester Entertainment of a Copinger.

  22. Copingers who were Members of the Mercers' Company.

  23. Adam Copinger and the House of Commons.

  24. Sir Nathaniel Coppinger.  His Seasonal Speech.

  25. Extracts from Parish Registers.

  26. Extracts from State Papers.

  27. Coppinger the Poet.

  28. Works and Publications by Coppingers and Copingers.

  29. Places formerly possessed by the family, or with which they have been connected:
    (a) in Ireland;
    (b) in England.

  30. List of Wills and Administrations preserved in Dublin.

  31. List of Wills and Administrations preserved in England.

  32. Arms of Family.

  33. All the References to Family in College of Arms.


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