(14) Extract as to John Coppinger, from the Sarsfield papers in possession of Richard Caulfield, LL.D., of Cork.


"I do hereby certifye that in the yeare 1689 Mr. Thomas Sarsfield, eldest sonne of Domnick Sarsfield of Sarsfield's Court, falling sick of the small pox in Paris, has beene carefully attended dureing his sickness by two physikjans, one french and another Irish with all necessaryes convenient for him.  And that after his decease he was honourably buryed as became his state and condition and all that att the cost and charges of Mr. John Coppinger then allsoe liveing att Paris as he can produce by the receipts of the Priests and aubergists.  And further I declare that all the said Mr. Thomas Sarsfield had then att the tyme of his death in Paris was not of above forty liures tournois value.

Witness my hand this 8th of July, 1699."            RIC. COLEMAN.

Ed. Barry
Thos. Fagan.


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