(4) Coppingers who obtained Certificates of Adventurers, soldiers, &c. from the Office of the Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer, Dublin.


Adrian, xxiii. 29.

Ambrose, xxiii. 27-8-9.

Edward, xv. 22.

Ellice, xv. 22.  

Ald. John xxi. 56.

James, iv. 32., viii. 47, xxiii. 27.

John, xxiii. 28, xxx. 49.

John fz. Dominick, xxiii. 27.

John fz. Edmond, xxiii. 27.

John fz. Edward, xxiii. 27.

Margaret, xv.22

Mary, xv. 22.

Patrick, xv. 22.

Richard, xxii. 41.

The Roman numerals refer to the original rolls; the Arabic figures to the shires or membrances of each roll.


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