(2) List of Coppingers, Mayors of Cork.


1319.  Stephen Coppinger.

1495.  Thomas Coppinger.

1535.  William Coppinger.

1564.  Stephen Coppinger.

1572.  Stephen Coppinger.

1587.  Robert Coppinger.

1602.  John Coppinger.

1605.  Robert Coppinger.

1616.  John Coppinger fz. John.

1619.  John Coppinger fz. John.

1622.  John Coppinger, Jun.

1644.  Robert Coppinger.[1]

[1] The following no doubt apply to this man among the Fiants of Queen Elizabeth:

1577.  2309. - Pardon to (including Philip Roche of Kinsale, merchant) Robert Coppenger Fitz  Edm; Philip Martell, of Corke, merchants.  Fine, at the discretion of the Lord President of Council  of Munster.  6th september, xix.
1583.  3469. - Sease (under Queen's instructions) to Robert Coppinger, of Corke, merchant, of  the impost on wines coming into Corke and its havens; To hold for one year from the preceding  Michaelmas; rent 500 English.  The duties are those granted by II Elizabeth, session 4, ch. i.,  which statute had expired.  This lease recites that the Queen of right and by her prerogative is to  have certain customs on wines imported, which by Her Majesty's commandment and  proclamation, dated 18th December, xxi., are to be paid according to the limitation and order in  that statute, 27th April, 1583.
1583.  3456. - Lease (under Queen's instructions) to Stephen Water, of Corke, gent., and Robert  Coppinger, of same, merchant; of the impost on wines imported at Cork and Kinsale and the  havens belonging to them.  To hold for one year from the preceeding Michaelmas, at a rent of  £550 English, receiving allowances for any wines admitted free by warrant of the deputy, 8th  November, xxv.


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