(6) Copingers Mentioned in Early Documents


1487, June 28. In a document connected with Kinsale, Thomas Coppinger and Richard Coppinger mentioned.
1558, April 30.   In a grant of a messuage in Kinsale, Katherin Copiner mentioned.
1565, Jan. 16. In the Will of Andrew Browne, burgess of the town of Kinsale, proved this date, is the following: "Et lego mea uxori Margaretoe Roche domu mea et domu Patrica Copinger cum gardino et pomario ad terminu vit su, et post mortem ejus Henrico, &c."  This Will is preserved amongst the "Browne MSS."
1582, April 12. In the Will of William Galway fitz Jeffrey, proved this date, a Richus Copinger is named.
1582, July 5. A Robert Coppinger is mentioned.
1589, Nov. 18. In the Will of John Browne fitz Andrew, proved this date, there is the following: "To Patrick Coppinger halfe of the upper house of John Walter, the other half to his wife, rem. to his sons."
1602. Edmund Coppinger was a trustee of the deed by which Sir Walter Raleigh conveyed property in the counties of Cork and Waterford to Richard Boyle, Esq., Clerk of the Council in Munster (ancester of the present Earl of Cork).  This deed is recorded in the Rolls Office, Dublin.
1604, Sept. 6. In a suit as to Gilabbey, an order made this date that Robert Coppinger and John Coppinger, of Corke, aldermen, shall view the same.
1632, April 27. In a Commission out of Chancery, Walter Coppinger.
1633, Nov. 28. Deed between Patrick Copinger, son and heir of William Copinger, of Cork, merchant, and John Matthew fitz James, of the same place, merchant, of lands to Thomas Ronayne, of Cork, alderman; the condition being that the above P. C. by deed hath given to James Lombard fitz James, of Cork, gentleman, all said P.'s estate in the three parts of the plowlands of Hodnett's Wood and Kyle Hodney, in the great island.  If therefore P. C. shall warrant to J. L., his heirs, &c., the premises as set forward in such deed, then above obligation be voyd.
1636, July 23. In indenture of this date, Edmond Coppinger fitz John, of Cork, gentleman, mentioned.
1639, Sept. 14. To an award among the Roche papers, Dom. Copinger.
1678, May 1. We, Matthew Cronine, of Noghavall, John Cronine, of Rallynaginshe, and George Cronine of same place, do owe Joan Carthy als Coppinger, of Sarsfield Court, widow, the sum of 11.
1682, June 20. This Bill bindeth Tymothy Troneene, of Nolievall, gentleman, to pay Gennet Carthy, als Coppinger, of Sarsfield Court, 6, &c.


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