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John Coppinger, an ecclesiastic of the County of Cork, wrote a book entitled "A Mnemosynum to the Catholics of Ireland," at the end of which is added St. Cyprian's letter to the Thebeauans, exhorting them to suffer martyrdom.  Usher (Relig. of Ant. Irish, p. 88) speaks with contempt of him and his book.  This tract is in the library of the College of Dublin, but the title page is wanting.  A perfect copy is in the public library at Cambridge, and the tract is dated 1606.  It being 16mo.  See Ware's Ireland, by Harris (1795), vol. ii., Writers of Ireland, p. 106. 

Coppingerus, seu Copingerus (Franciscus) vicarius provincialis.  Narratio facti, jurisque disquisitio, in lite inter Fr., Copinger - um et P. Geanor: per Thomam Haroldum. 

Coppinger (Sir Nathaniel), M. P.

A seasonable speech by Sir Nathaniel Coppinger, spoken in the High Court of Parliament, Oct. 24, 1641, for bringing the Archbishop of Canterbury to his long expected tryall, and concerning the expulsion of Papists, etc. 

4to, London [October] 1641. 

Coppinger (Matthew).

Poems, songs, and love verses upon several subjects. 

4to, London, 1682. 

Coppinger (José).

Manifests que hace el coronel Español Don José Coppinger, demonstrando el injuste y violento proceder que se ha observado en San Agustin de Florida . . .  dispues de la entrega de la provincia à los estados unidos de America.

8vo., Filadelfia, 1821. 

Coppinger (William), Roman Catholic Bishop of Cloyne and Ross.

Aideas athchoinier agus Urnaighthe do dhavine engerwadh agus do'n inhumtear dhios ag dul d'eag, etc (short instructions and prayers for sick and dying persons, with other acts of devotion, in English and Irish, mostly taken from Dr. Coppinger's True Piety.  Two parts.

12mo. Ciorca [Cork] 1807.

The Right Rev. Dr. Coppinger's letter to the Dublin Society, with such additional documents and explanatory remarks as seem called for by the Rev. W. Townsend's observations upon the letter, and with a supplement to his appendix.

8vo., Cork, 1811.

True Piety, or the Day Well Spent; a Manual of Prayers.

12mo., Cork, 1813 (9th ed.).

Thomas à Kempis.  The Imitation of Christ; carefully revised, corrected, and translated almost anew.

12mo., Cork, 1814.

A Vindication of the Roman Catholics.  [At the end of the New Testament; translation from the Latin Vulgate at Rheims.]

Cork, 1818.

See O'Callaghan (J.), Usury, proved to be repugnant to the divine and ecclesiastical law.  To which is prefixed a narrative of the controversy between the author and Bishop Coppinger, &c.

12mo., 1828

See Scheffmacher (J.J.), The Polemic Catechism of J. J. Scheffmacher, in a translation by William Coppinger, with an appendix on the ancient religious and literary establishments in Ireland, by William Coppinger.


The Principles of Roman Catholics.

12mo., Hobart Town, 1840.

"Funeral Panegyric on Miss Nano Nagle," being a sketch of her life and work.  She brought over the Ursulines to Ireland and founded the Presentation Order, establishing large schools for rich and poor girls.

Coppinger (Edmond Sexton Guillaume).

Du traitement de l'inflammation en général, thèse, &c.

4to., Paris, 1831. 

Coppinger (W.)

Université de France.  Faculté de Théologie Protestante de Strasbourg.  Etude sur le royaume de Dieu d'après le sermon de Montagne.  Thèse, &c.

8vo., Strasbourg, 1854. 

Coppinger (Robert E. Murray).

Pro Rege, Lege, Grege.  An essay on a Motto.

8vo., London, 1865. 

Coppinger (Dr. Richard William).

The Cruise of the "Alert."

Sonnenschein, 1883.



De Vitiis et Virtutibus.

Sacramentale quoddam.

Copinger (Maurice), Serjeant-at-Law.

An Abridgement of the Law.

A Treatise on the Excise Laws.

Copinger (Christopher) Q. C., Judge of County Court, Ireland.

The Law and Practice of the County Courts in Ireland, also the law relating to duties of Justices of the Peace in and out of Quarter Sessions, and an appendix of the statutes.

8vo., Dublin, 1858.

Copinger (Lieut.Col. Henry).

In the United Service Journal, 185152, "Travels in Greece," "Bull Fight at Ronda," and "Rambles in British India."

In Bentley's Miscellany, 1860, "The Clonmel Tragedy."

In Sharp's Magazine, 1869, "Voyage from Ceylon to Cofseir," "Travels in Egypt," and "Tour from Corfu to Trieste - Venice - through Germany home-wards through the Rhine."

In the Missionary Intelligencer, 1860-61, "Customs of Hindoos and Mussulmen."

In Colburn's New Monthly, 1859 and 1860, "Notices of the Ionian Islands;" 1863, "Killarney and some parts of South of Ireland," "A Pedestrian Tour in the County of Wicklow;" 1864, Several Stories in East Indian life, being "The Young Officer in India," "The Rival Beauties," "The Early Doom," "The Berah;" 1865, "The Widow Dallas, an Irish Story," "Stoppage in the Mountains of Andalusia;" 1868, "A Short Residence in Lower Canada;" 1868‑9, "The Two Officers," and translation of "Bagh-o-bahar" ; 1870, "Marathon;" 1871, "A Nautch in India," "A Duel in India," "Pictures in Royal Academy;" 1873, "Famine in Bengal," "Alastor;" 1874, "Stonehenge;" 1875, "A Visit to the Isle of Amsterdam;" 1876, "East India Life."

In Fraser, 1870, "The Dog Worshipper, an Eastern translation." 

In the Gentleman's Magazine, 1872, "A Pedestrian Tour in the Isle of Wight."

In Golden Hours, 1880, The Pundit's Prediction," and "The Queen of Spain's Chair;" and "The Pinata," in 1881.

Copinger (Walter Arthur), Barrister-at-Law.

The Law of Copyright in Works of Literature and Art, including that of the Drama, Music, Engraving, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, and Ornamental and Useful Designs, together with International and Foreign Copyright, with the Statutes relating thereto, and references to the English and American Decisions.

1st Edition, 8vo., London 1870.
2nd Edition, 8vo., London 1881.
3rd Edition, 8vo., London 1893.

Index to Precedents in Conveyancing, and to Common and Commercial Forms, arranged in alphabetical order, with Sub-divisions of an Analytical Nature, together with an Appendix, containing an abstract of the Stamp Act, 1870, with a Schedule of Duties payable on Probates of Wills, Letters of Administration, Legacies and Successions.

Royal 8vo., London, 1872.

Title Deeds; their Custody, Inspection, and Production at Law, in Equity, and in matters of Conveyancing, including covenants for the production of Deeds and Attested Copies, with an Appendix of Precedents, the "Vendor and Purchaser Act, 1874," &c., &c.

8vo., London, 1875.

Tables of Stamp Duties from 1815 to the present time, showing at a glance the ad valorum duties payable during that period on Conveyances, Mortgages, and Settlements: together with the regulations of the Stamp Act, 1870, especially affecting the same, and an abstract of the several provisions of the Act.

An Essay on the Abolition of Capital Punishment.  Embracing more particularly an enunciation and analysis of the principles of law as applicable to criminals of the highest degree of guilt.

8vo., London, 1876

The Premonitory Cry: A Note of Warning and a Testimony of Hope.

8vo., London

A Testimony of Antiquity, shewing the ancient faith in the Church of England touching the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ, being a reprint of the Homily of Elfric, Archbishop of Canterbury 995, with the subscription thereto of Archbishop Parker and fourteen other Bishops in 1567, of the same being the true doctrine of the Church.  Edited with copious notes on the "Real Presence," "The Sacrifice," "Waferbread," "Mixed Chalice," "Prayers for the Dead," &c.

Pickering, 12mo., London, 1877.

History of the Copingers.

8vo., Manchester,1882.

Thoughts on Holiness, Doctrinal and Practical.

J. Masters & Co., London, 1883.

Contributions to the Hymnody of the Church.

Manchester, 1883.[2]

[Addition by D. P. & E. C. 1st January 2000]

History of the Copingers or Coppingers of the County of Cork, Ireland, and the Counties of Suffolk and Kent, England. H. Sotheran, 8vo, Manchester, 1884.
History of the Parish of Buxhall in the County of Suffolk. H. Sotheran, 12vo, London, 1902.
Heraldry Simplified. Sheratt & Hughes, 8vo, Manchester, 1910
Several tracts and articles on various subjects, and two pieces of music.

Copinger (Herbert Edward).

A short and easy catechism on the Creed.

16mo., London, 1878.

[1] See as to this gentleman, ante p. 258.  On inquiry being made of Mr. Evelyn Abbott, the Librarian of Balliol College, Oxford, the author finds that the Treatise de Virtutibus is ascribed to Topping,  and that the initial words are Vani sunt omnes homines, not honores, as stated p. 258.  Mr  Abbott has favoured the author with the following extract relating to William Copinger, from  Anthony Wood.  After mentioning William Copinger of New College, who was admitted Bachelor of CivilLaw in 1542, he says: "I find another Will. Copinger who was Master of Arts of this  University long before the other man's time, who in his works in MS. (which are in Ball. Coll.  Library, and therefore thought by some to be of this house) did show himself to be a very pious  divine, and a pronouncer of the men of this world to be in vain, in whom the knowledge of God  reigneth not.  He wrote (1) De Vitiis et Virtutibus, lib. 1., the begining of which is vani sunt omnes homines, &c. (2), Sacramentale quoddam, and other things, which hath made his name  famous to posterity.  When he lived, or in which King's reign he was renowned for his learning, I  cannot tell, neither doth Bale himself know."

[2] This writer has also in preparation the following works, many of which are in a forward state:- 
A work entitled "Chancery and Uses; an Historical Sketch, delineating the origin, development, and establishment of equity and uses respectively in this country."
A work on the "Appointment of New Trustees."
A work on "Rents and Annuities."
A work on "Bills of Sale."
A work entitled "A Treatise on Predestination and Election; Historical, Doctrinal, and Practical."
A work on the "Sabbath."
A pamphlet entitled "The Speech of the Firmament of Heaven."
An essay on the maxim, "Qui prior est tempore potior est jure," and an essay "On the Study of Conveyancing."


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