(20) Tombs in London, and St. Mary's, Bury


In the Church of St. Nicholas, Cole Abbey, was a tomb with the following inscription:

Hic jacet Joanna Coppinger, vidua quondam uxor Williehmi Coppinger, armiger, et postea nupt. Richardo Darland, gen., quidem Joanna obiit 18 die Martii Anno Dom., 1492.  

Maitland's Surv. of London,  vol. ii, p. 1156; Payne Fisher's Mon. in London, p.44. Weever's Fun. Mon.

In the Church of St. Mildred, Bread Street, was buried a Thomas Copinger, a plated stone before the Communion table marking the spot.  It formerly bore the following inscription: 

Here lieth the body of Thomas Coppinger, the
which deceased the 14th day of November, in the yeere of our
Lord God, 1513, on whose soule, &c

Stow's Survey of London, p. 393; Maitland's Survey, vol. ii., p. 1154.  See Harl. MSS., Brit. Mus., 4204, which only reads, "a small monument for Thomas Coppinger 15--"

Tomb in St. Mary's, Bury.

In St. Mary's Church, Bury St. Edmunds, upon a gravestone on the south side of the chancel, were two statues: the one of a man, armed from top to toe, all in brass; the other the statue of a woman praying, under whom was this epitaph:- 

Of yor charytie praye for the sowles of Thomas Wentworthe,
Esquire, and Alice his wyfe,
[1] ye wch deceas-
sed ye 25 daye of September, in ye yere of or Lorde
God, 1517, on whose soules may ye Lorde have mercye.

At each corner of the gravestone were three escutcheons.  Sable, a chevron betw. three leopards' faces or. a c per difference; another escutcheon of the same was at the head likewise impaling  .  .  .  a Bend  .  .  . the colours worn out.  At the feet beneath Wentworth, as above, impaling, or., three Bends gules, on a fesse azure, three plates all in a Bordure Purpure.  Copinger.  The tenth escutcheon the single coat of Copinger, as above.

[1] In 12 Hen. VIII. Sir Thomas Wyndham, Knt., and Dame Elizabeth, his wife, granted a lease of 40 years, of the manor of Ampton, County Suffolk, the ancestral estate of the family of Coket, to Alys Wentworthe, of Bury St. Edmunds, and John Crofts, gent.  This lease was afterwards transferred to Edward Coket, Esq., who died about 1543.


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