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In the lifetime of his father, the alderman made over to his son, Dominick, certain properties in Cork then in mortgage to him,[1] and these he confirmed to his son by his will, also giving him a remainder in certain estates devised to his son James, in the event of James dying without male issue, which event apparently happened.

In 1629 he was appointed Recorder of Cork, and is mentioned in the Council Book of that city on the 7th November, 1629, the 6th October, 1629, the 30th July, 1630, the 4th October, 1630, the 11th March, 1630, the 3rd October, 1631, the 13th February, 1632, the 17th April, 1633, the 20th September, 1633, the 7th October, 1633, the 24th June, 1634, the 13th October, 1634, the 30th October, 1634, the 12th October, 1635, the 10th October, 1636, the 7th August, 1637, the 20th April, 1638, the 9th October, 1638, the 22nd April, 1639, the 16th August, 1639, and the 31st July, 1643.  His signature appears to a document dated 14th September, 1639, as a referee in a matter of dispute between Dominick Roche of Cork, alderman, and another, and is "Dom. Copinger."  This document is amongst the Roche papers in the possession of Dr. Caulfield, of Cork. Dominick invariably signed his name with one "p."

In 1634, June, Dominick Copinger was returned to the Irish Parliament for the constituency of the City of Cork.

There is an entry on the subject in the Council Book of Cork under the date 24th June, 1634:

"Where Sir William Sarsfield, Knt., and Domk Copinger, Esq., Recorder of Corcke, being chosen and elected as citizens and burgesses for this present Parliament for the City of Corcke and County thereof, have and do hereby promise that in respect of the dishability of this City (which they do much commiserate), and tendering the good of this commonwealth, have and do freely forgive any fees or stipend due unto them in respect of their employment as Citizens and Burgesses of this City and Co. during the said Parliament or hereafter, &c.  Witness our hands,


The following is apparently an entry of the burials of both Dominick and his wife.  The register from which the following is an extract contains 48 folios of vellum, and is 17 1/2 inches long by 7 inches broad.  It was kept in a chest in a small room under the organ gallery at Christ Church, where it was found with many other books belonging to the Church, in August, 1857, by Dr. Caulfield, of Cork.  The one of which the following is an extract is the most ancient of the Parish Books found in the chest and was imperfect in many places.

1657.  Hester, w. of Domink Coppenger, bd. 15 June.
1660.  July 28. Domink Copinger, Shandon Parish.
           Nov. 4. Dame Margaret, w. of Sir Robt Copinger.

The following is a copy of the Will of Dominick in 1660; it was proved in 1671.

Will of Dominick Copinger, 1660.

In the name of the Father, the Sonne, and of the Holie Ghost.  I, Dominicke Coppinger fitz John of Corke, gentleman, though now at present sicke and weake of boddy, yett of perfect sense and memory doe make aneses and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following.  First, I bequeath my soule unto Almighty God, my onely Sauiour and redeemer, and my body to bee buryed within Christ Church at Corke with the rest of my Ancestors.  Item - I doe hereby in the nature of a deed of feoffment and will giue, grant, enfeoffe, confirme, will, and bequeath unto my sonne and heire Robert Coppinger and his lawfull heires for euer, all my estate, lands, tenements, and hereditaments whatsoeuer, both reall and personall of what nature, quallity, or condition soe euer (except what is and hereafter is by mee excepted and referred to bee disposed for the use of the rest of my children and other legacies to bee by mee disposed as hereafter is reserved and expressed)  To have and hold unto him the said Robert Coppinger and his heires for euer. Item - I doe hereby leaue and bequeath and soe my will is that my said sonn and heire Robert Coppinger out of my said estate shall satisfie and pay unto my sonne John Coppinger and to my daughter Joane Coppinger imediately after my decease the sum of twenty poundes sterling to each of them, being forty pounds sterling towards their present preferment. And in case they and either of them doe proue thrifty and good carefull children my will is that my said sonne and heire Robert Coppinger shall augment the same as hee in his disposition with the aduise of my uncle, Sir Robert Coppinger, and Mr. Edward Ingoy shall thinke fitt, which accordingly I doe hereby will, ordaine, and enioyne him to satisfie and performe.  Item - I doe likewise heereby leaue and bequeath and in the nature of a feofment giue, grant, enfeof, and confirme unto my youngest sonne Dominicke Coppinger the messadge, lande, houses, and tenements now in the tenure and occupation of Richard Land, mortgadged unto  mee and my father from the Cordons, together with the shoppe and cellars belonging unto mee by way of mortgadge from Alderman Dominicke Thyrry as by the seuerall deeds of mortgadge more at large appeareth,  To have and to hold unto him the said Dominicke Coppinger and his heires for euer, and for want of male heires of the said Dominicke the same to reuert and returne unto the sd Robert  Coppinger and his heires, and for want of such heires of the said Robert unto the said John Coppinger and his heires, and for want of such heires of the said John unto the rightfull heires of mee the sd Dominicke Coppinger for euer.  Item - I doe hereby declare and my will is whereas uppon the marriadge of my daughter Katherin Coppinger unto my sonne in lawe Richard Haruey I was by articles of agreement uppon that contract engadged to satisfie and pay unto him a certaine sum of money as a marriadge portion to and with my said daughter, and likewise the said Richard Haruey's father alsoe to satisfie, pay, and lay doune another certaine sum of money to bee disposed of in the hands of certaine feoffees in trust to and for the use of the said Richard Haruey and my said daughter Katherin Coppinger and their lawfull heires and the suruiuor and the longer liuer of them, I thereby in discharge of my said parte and engagement of soe much as concerneth mee to performe, doe hereby declare, will, and bequeath that uppon performance of the said articles and conditione by the said Richard Haruey's father and him for so much as concerneth them my said sonne and heire Robert Coppinger shall satisfie and pay unto him the said Richard Haruey and to my said daughter towards the discharge and satisfaction of the sayd marriadge portion according to the said articles and my engagement therein out of the rents, issues, and profitts of the lands, tenements, and hereditaments of Bally Rosine, &c., the sum of twenty and foure pounds ster. per annum, cleare of all manner of taxes, contributions, and country charges whatsoeuer.  And in case any dispute or difference shall arise betweene the said Richard Haruey and my said daughter and sonne and heire, Robert Coppinger, concerning the payment of the said portion according to the true intent and meaning of the said articles, my will is and soe I doe hereby declare that to auoyd any suite in lawe or difference, the same be reffered and decreed by two indifferent persons of either side to be chosen and elected, which accordingly I doe hereby enioyne them on my blessing to stand unto and performe in all points and particulars.  Item - I doe hereby appointe, make, and ordaine, and soe my will is, that my aforesaid youngest sonne Dominick Coppinger, for seuerall speciall reasons to mee appearing and partly to bee hereafter expressed, shalbe my sole executor of this my last will and testament to bee p'formed according to the intent and true meaning hereof.  That this is my Will and true intent and meaneng for soe much reserueing to myselfe to add or dyminish hereunto by way of coddicell what hereafter I shall thinke fitt to dispose and in testimony hereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the foureteenth day of July, anno 1660, and in the 12th yeare of his Maiesties reigne of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c.


Being in the presence of us whose name ensue
Robert Coppinger
Richard Harvey
Francis Gould
James Coppinger.

Dominick, the son of the testator, being at the time of his father's death an infant, administration was granted on the 12th June, 1661 to Robert Copinger, testator's eldest son.

[1] See Deeds, ante, pp. 17 and 22.

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