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Welcome to what was Paul & Elizabeth Copinger's web site.
It was run by Ian Copinger, but sadly, Ian passed away on February 13th, 2023.
Details of the funeral on 7th March are here. ...

This web site is for all Copinger and Coppinger family members regardless of how you spell or hyphenate the name.

First comes the name. There is no proof of any difference between the name Copinger, Coppinger, Copenger, Coppenger or any of the other variants. When in 1884 Walter Arthur Copinger published the "History of the Family of Copinger or Coppinger" in the foreword he said:

"No reliance can be placed on the difference between the one p and the two p's as a mark of distinction prior to the 18th century. In the earlier documents the name is often therein written with two p's and yet signed with one, and vice versa."

The main source of Cop(p)ingers has been Ireland and particularly County Cork. There is what appears to be a separate source, in Suffolk, England, however neither we, nor my great grandfather researching the family history in the late 19th Century, have been able to find any documentary evidence of Copingers in Suffolk prior to 1410, although they appear in Ireland about 100 years earlier. We believe that the name was anglicized in Ireland prior to a branch of the family settling in Suffolk.. We do not believe, but would be happy to receive any expert opinion or proof, that a family whose name was anglicized in the South West of Ireland would end up exactly the same as a name anglicized on the East coast of England.

Like many families the Copingers have been of mixed fortune over the centuries and have spread all over the world. As a result we are now in contact with and know of members of the family throughout the world. The family database which Elizabeth maintains currently (January 2003) has 9007 people in it. Unfortunately they are not all connected to each other so we need your help in connecting people. If you have any information, please do get in contact with us.

It is hoped that this web site will continue to grow and provide information for family members and genealogists who are interested in the Cop(p)inger family. We have re-published here the Family History compiled by my great grandfather Walter Arthur Copinger which he had published by Henry Sotheran of London & Manchester in 1884. We have started to make additions to the family history, for example we have added a chapter on W. A. Copinger himself. We have also started to add some pictures so following the Contents page there is now a list of illustrations. In this way we hope to update and add to the history on-line as part of our aim to re-publish it in a traditional format.

We have now included the first three of the family trees included in the 1884 family history:

Pedigree 1 covers the branch of the family that lived at Cloghan and Ballyverine in County Cork and are those covered by Part One of the History.
Pedigree 2 covers the branch of the family who lived at Ballyvolane and Barryscourt, County Cork, and are covered by Part Two of the History.
If you are one of the Tennessee Coppinger family descended from Higgins Coppinger this is where it is alleged you fit in. If you have any evidence, please let us have it. We would love to add your 500+ Coppingers to the tree.
The Family Tree of Part Three of the History is very small and covers the Youghall branch of the family in the 16th & 17th Centuries.
Pedigree 3 covers the Suffolk & Kent branch of the family covered by Part Four of the Family History.

We have included some contributed photos and page with link to other sites some of which may interest you if you are interested in Cop(p)ingers or genealogy or both. While we are talking about links if you are interested in the Cop(p)inger Coats of Arms at the top of this page clicking on any one of them will take you to the chapter in the Family History dedicated to Coats of Arms.  Please don't expect to find that any of them belong to you.  Coats of Arms were granted to individuals and not to families so you would know if you had one!

If you have discovered this web site by chance or been pointed towards it because you are a Cop(p)inger or are descended from a Cop(p)inger we would love to hear from you at our e-mail address below.

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This web site is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Colonel Frank Brown, friend, Coppinger cousin and genealogical researcher.

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