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A branch of the family from Cork settled in Youghal during the 15th century.  It flourished here from that period until the year 1642, when it entirely disappears from the scene.  During the period of its settlement here, the name appears frequently in municipal affairs, both among the Mayors and Bayliffs of the town.


1564 Thomas Coppinger. 1605 Edmund Coppinger.
1573 Thomas Coppinger. 1611 James Coppinger.
1579 Patrick Coppinger. 1615 Edward Coppinger.
1582 Thomas Coppinger. 1625 James Coppinger.
1586 Thomas Coppinger. 1628 James Coppinger.


1608 Edmund Coppinger. 1631 Ambrose Coppinger.
1620 John Copinger. 1636 Stephen Coppinger.
1626 Roger Coppinger. 1640 Walter Coppinger.
1629 Adrian Coppinger.

The earliest member of the Cork family who appears to have had direct communication with Youghal, perhaps having a house there, was Adam Copinger. The following is the abstract of a deed to which he was a party : -

4 May, 1518.  Indent. facta inter Adam Copner de Cork Merc. et Macville de Yoghill et David Tyrry de C. Mercht Testatur qd. pdcus A. cocessit ad terminu quinquajinta novem annorum pfato D. dimid'tenement qd jacet in C. in lat. inter terram Johan Mahon ex boriali inter terram pdci' Ad. ex aust' in log a strata regia ex orient ad muru regia ex occident habend. pfato D. heds ad terminum quinquaginta novem annorum.  Reddend. annuatim v solidos, &c.

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