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Clicking on the Home Card above will take you to the first page of the family tree (Stephen Copinger, sometime Mayor of Cork, d. 1600).

Please Note that although these trees contain more people than those in the 1884 Family History they are intentionally incomplete. This is for the protection of living individuals (and in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act). For example my grandfather, Harold Bernard Copinger is included in Pedigree 1 with a note that he had three children.  Since one of them is still living there are no details included for any of them.  If you find that you are included, it does not mean that we believe that you are dead, it means I failed to delete your details before publishing the information. If this is the case I apologise.  Please let me know so I can delete your details.  If you are a member of one of these branches and would prefer that your details were included please also let us know.

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