(20)  John Copinger

In 1720 he married Mary Ann Crosbie, sister of the Earle of Glandore, and by a settlement dated the 6th and 7th July, 1722, he charged his estates (including his property at Glenville) with a jointure for the said Mary Ann, and a provision in favour of younger children, limiting his estate to the use of himself for life, with remainder to his first and every other son in tail male, with an ultimate remainder to his own right heirs.[1]

His marriage licence bond is dated 7th July, 1722.  He moved to Dublin, where his wife died, and was buried in St. Warbough Church.  He made his Will, dated 5th September, 1750, whereby he requested that if he died in Cork he might be buried in the vault belonging to his ancestors in Christ Church.  He leaves to Mr. Richard Copinger, merchant £5, and to James Copinger, barber surgeon in Cork a guinea and 10s. a quarter to be paid him during his life.  He refers to his sons Robert and Maurice, appointing the latter his executor.  The Will is sealed with a device similar to the one forming the frontispiece[2], and was proved by Maurice Copinger on the 17th June, 1752.

[1] Mary Ann was the fifth daughter of David Crosbie, and a quartering of her arms with those of her husband will be found in the British Museum, Add. MSS., 14,409, p.453.

[2]  [Shown at the head of the Home Page. - DP&EC]

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