Copinger's Court

Copinger's Court was built by Sir Walter Copinger in 1621 and burnt down by the rebels in 1641, two years after his death.  It stands in the Rowry valley between Roscarberry and Glandore in County Cork.  These pictures were taken in the 1990's which shows how well the house was built, having survived in this state for over 350 years.  Further information was included in the Family History, Part 1 in the Chapter on Sir Walter Copinger.  Clicking on the small pictures below will display larger, and slow loading, pictures.


The Road to Glandore

In the Valley

The Court Remains

The Road to Glandore

The Valley

The Ruins


This page has been added because of the interest that has been shown in Copinger's Court on a global basis by a lot of people who will not be as lucky as us and will not be able to visit County Cork.

Here is a video from a visit in September, 2019.

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