(7)  Walter Copinger

He succeeded to the lordship of the Manor of Buxhall on the death of his brother John Copinger in 1517.  It is strange that both his father and himself are in many of the MS. pedigrees called William.  He married Beatrix Ashurst of Gloucester, whose family arms were, Party per fesse az. and or. a pale counterchanged, three goats' heads, erased of the second.  He died in 1532 and is buried at Buxhall, together with his wife, who died on 2nd February, 1512, with the following inscription:-

"Walter Copynger, gent., which died the x of Marche, an.
M.D.XXXII., and Beatrix, his wife, the second of February, M.D.XII.

The following curious grant, given in the year 1513, to this Walter Copinger, by that ruthless monarch Henry the Eighth, who in this instance seems to have had a special regard to the head of his loving subject, is still extant in the Glebehouse at Buxhall:-

 "Henry R.  Henry, by the grace of God, King of England and of France, and Lord of Ireland.  "To all manor our subjects, as well of the spiritual pre-eminence and dignities, as of the temporal auctority, these our Letters hearing and seeing, and to every of them greeting.  Whereas, we be credibly informed, that our trusty and well-beloved subject Walter Copinger is so diseased in his head that without his great danger he cannot be conveniently discovered of the same:  In consideration whereof, we have by these presents, licensed him to use and wear his Bonet[1] upon his said head, as well in our presence as elsewhere, at his liberty.  Whereof we will and command you and every of you to permit and suffer him so to do, without any your challenge, disturbance, or interruption to the contrary, as ye and every of you tender our pleasure.  Given under our signet, at our manor of Greenwych, the 24th day of October, in the fourth year of our reigne.  Henry R."

Granted anno 1513. 

[1] Hats were not made in England till 1510.

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