(6)  John Copinger

In many pedigrees this John is described as of Northoland, Co. Essex, and frequently made the younger brother of Walter Copinger, who died in 1532; after much consideration his present place has been assigned to him.  It is clear this John could not have been the father of Walter, who died in 1532, for it is beyond dispute that he, Walter, was the brother of Sir William, and Sir William in his Will in 1512, refers to his father as dead.  It may be thought strange that the manor and advowson of Buxhall should have passed to his brother when he had himself seven children; but it is most probable they all died in their father's lifetime, and this is rather intimated by the inscription on his tomb.  The view taken as to John's place in the pedigree is confirmed by a MS. list of the Lords of the Manor of Buxhall, in which Walter or William appears as Lord up till 1512, when John, his "son and heir," became lord, and died in 1517.  John Copinger was interred in the Church of Buxhall.  Under his portrait in brass were his five sons, and under his two wives two daughters, all in brass, with the following inscription, as given by Weever:- 

"John Copynger, Esquire, Lord and Patron
Anne and Jayne, his wives, who had VII.
children and dyceased an. M.D.XVII.

Or as given in the Jermyn MSS. in the British Museum, and communicated in 1813 by the Hon. Miss C. Grimston:- 

"Praye for the sowles of John Coppinger
Poore Lord and Patron here
I pray you all of charitie for my sowle say a Paternoster
And ave, and for the sowles of Anne and Johane
And for his chyldren seaven
Jesu bringe our Sowles to Heaven.

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