(30)  Henry Copinger Hill

HENRY COPINGER HILL, the second son of Sarah Hill, daughter of Henry Copinger, was educated at Caius College, Cambridge, where he proceeded to the Degree of A.B. in 1737, to that of A.M. in 1751, and to that of S.T.P. in 1763.  In 1741, he was presented to the Rectory of Tostock, and in 1743, to that of Buxhall.  He died on the 8th of November, 1775.

He left issue one son and one daughter, viz :-

Henry, who was born in 1747, a brief memoir of whom is given on pp. 282 and 648 of vol. xcvi., part 2, of the Gentleman's Magazine.  He was admitted at Clare Hall, Cambridge, taking his A.B. degree in 1768, and A.M. degree in 1771.  He became Rector of Buxhall in 1776, and of Harlaston in 1779.  He was a Trustee of the Stowmarket Navigation, and Vice-President of the Corporation for Relief of poor Widows and Orphans of Clergymen within the Archdeaconries of Suffolk and Sudbury.  He married a daughter of John Tweed Esq. of Stoke-by-Clare, and sister of the Rev. Joseph Tweed, rector of Capel St. Mary.  By this lady he left no issue.  Mr. Hill communicated to the Board of Agriculture some useful practical observations on the mode of drilling wheat, which he had successfully practised for many years, and these are inserted in Young's General View of the Agriculture of Suffolk.

Mary, who married the Rev. W. Gooch, whose son Copinger Gooch assumed the name of Hill, and was the father of the present Rector and Patron of Buxhall.

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