(28)  Gregory Copinger

He resided at Bromehill House, County Norfolk.  In the chancel of the Church of Weting St. Mary, in Norfolk, at the east end, on brickwork, is a stone bearing this inscription :-

Gregory Copinger, of Broomehill House,
who dy'd the 10th Feb. 1724 aged 65 years,
Elizabeth his wife, bury'd the 19 of July 1702
aged 40 years.

 The arms on the tomb are Copinger, Bendy of 6 or. and gu. on a fesse az., 3 plates in a border arg., impaling Kirkham, on a bend, three cinquefoils.

By his Will, dated 19th October, 1724, he devised to his only son Gregory, absolutely, all his "messuage or tenement and farme, with all the lands, meadows, and pasture grounds to the same belonging as well copyhold as freehold and leasehold, commonly called and knowne by the name of the Schoole House, scituate in Great Ashfield, in the County of Suffolk," and he also devises his "manner or lordship of Cockerells with all the lands, tenements, and hereditaments and capital messuage and scite of the said mannor of Cockerells, with their and every of their appurtenances, and also his messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments whatsoever being freehold or Charterhold, with their and every of their appurtenances scituate, lying and being in Buxhall, in the County of Suffolk," unto his said son Gregory for life, with remainder to Gregory, testator's grandson in tail male, with remainder to his nephew Thomas Copinger in fee.  Testator also gave his messuage or tenement and farm called Bromehill House, which he held by lease from Christ Church, Cambridge, to his said son Gregory absolutely.

Gregory Copinger, son of the above Gregory, was High Sheriff for Suffolk, in 1724.  He was also for many years Churchwarden of Buxhall Church, from 1719 to 1740.  He died in 1743, and was buried at Buxhall, 1st October, 1743, leaving an only daughter Sarah, who was baptized at Buxhall, on the 5th October, 1724, and died on the 17th June, 1764.

On a stone lying even with the ground west of the steeple in the churchyard of Redenhall in Norfolk, is the following inscription:-

In memory of Sarah Wife of
Thos. Moyle, esq.,
And daughter of Gregory
Coppinger, of Buxhall,
who died ye 17 of June,
Aged 39 years;
Also of Thos. Moyle, Esqre.
who died ye 4th of May, 1765,
Aged 44 years.

 Arms above Moyle - a mule - on an inescutcheon Copinger. Crest - Two demi-dragons, sans wings, indorsed, and their necks interwoven.

By his Will, which is dated the 22nd Dec., 1739, and in which he is described as of Buxhall, Gregory, the son, devises to his wife his manor or lordship of Cockrells, and all his freehold hereditaments in Buxhall for life, and after her decease he devises the same to his daughter Sarah in fee.  He gives all his copyhold tenements in Buxhall to his said daughter, subject to an annuity of £12 to his wife, payable "at the South Porch of the Parish Church of Buxhall."  He gives likewise to his daughter his tenement called Broomehill House, with the lands held therewith in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk; and his lands in Ashfield, co Suffolk, he directs to be sold for the benefit of his wife, whom he appoints sole executrix.

It is evident from his Will that Gregory, the grandson, had died in his father's lifetime.

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