(27)  William Copinger

He was admitted Sizar, 24th March, 1673-4, at St. John's College, Cambridge, being then 16.  He took his degree of A.B. in 1677, and A.M. in 1681.  In 1685 he became Rector of Buxhall, on the presentation of his father, and died in 1708. By his Will, dated 18th February, 1707, he gave all his messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments to be sold within two years after his decease by his brother Gregory Copinger and his widow Margaret, whom he appointed executor and executrix.  He was seised amongst other property of Jarold's Wood, in Buxhall, containing seven acres, and also of a messuage and three acres, and a tenement called Parminsters, containing sixteen acres, and of a Pightle of land containing two acres, lying under the wood called Rattlesden Wood, all held in the Manor of Rattlesden, in reversion expectant on the death of his mother Mary Copinger, and certain other copyhold hereditaments to which he was admitted on the 19th October, 1696, upon the death of his brother Francis.

His widow Margaret by her Will, which is dated 2nd August, 1710, after reciting her husband's Will and that Gregory Copinger had surrendered into the hands of the Lady of the Manor of Buxhall Hall, "two copyhold tenements of the said Manor, all that the copyhold tenement called Brownes, and foure acres of meadow and pasture in Buxhall to such uses as she Margaret might appoint by deed or will," she accordingly directs all the hereditaments to be sold and the proceeds divided between all her children.

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