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There is a letter among the Harleian MSS. from Henry Copinger, senr., to Sir S. D'Ewes, dated from Lavenham, January 5, 1635, mentioning that he was threatened to be chosen Headborough at the next court, an office which he had been importuned to fill by Paul D'Ewes, Esq., but had been excused.  The following is an extract, "because my wife is a poor kinswoman of my lady's, to whom I conceive this place a disparagement to be ranked among the yeomen's wives, and it is my ambition to advance rather than lessen her in any way."  It is possible that this letter is from this Henry of Kersey, but there can not be much certainty on the point.

His Will is dated 10th February, 1659, and the following is a copy:-

Will of Henry Copinger of Kersey, 1661.

In the name of God.  Amen.  The 10 day of Feby in the yeare of our Lord God 1659.  I, Henry Copinger, now inhabitant at Sampson hall, belonging to the towne of Kersey, in the county of Suffolk, gent, being (thanks be to God) in perfect health and memory doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament revoking all former wills whatsoever in manner and form following, ffirst I bequeath and surrender up my soule into the hands of Almightie God my Creator only hopeing and assured by trusting in his mercy and grace and the meritts of Jesus Christe myne all sufficient Saviour and only Redeemer to have a joyfull and glorious resurrection and for soule and body inteds [instead] to be made ptaker of life everlastinge, my body to be buried at the will of myne executrix hereafter named, and for the worldly estate it hath pleased God to lend me I dispose thereof as following, ffirst I give and bequeath unto John Copinger myne eldest sonne two hundred pounds whereof the one to be payd at his age of foure and twentie yeares and the other hundred as soon after as it may be raised out of my estate towards setting him up in trade.  Item, I give and bequeath unto Thomas Copinger my other sonne one hundred pounds to be payd him at his age of foure and twentie yeares, if conveniently it may be raised out of my estate.  Item, I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Copinger myne eldest daughter the sume of ffiftie pounds over and above the ffiftie pounds given her and now in her owne hands, to be payd her at her age of foure and twenty yeares or day of marriage, with the good likeing of her mother which shall first happen. Item, I give unto Bridgett Copinger my youngest daughter the sume of ffiftie pounds over and besides a legacie of ffiftie pounds given her by my brother John Sampson, her godfather, to be payd her at her age of foure and twenty yeares or the day of marriage, with her mother's good likeing which shall first happen. Item, I give and bequeath unto John Copinger my sonne my counter table with the locks, keys, and drawers in it, with all the severall implements belonging to it, and my great seale Ring of gold (the Auntient Armes of the Copingers) immediately after the decease of Elizabeth my wife or in her lifetime if she please so to enjoy them, to his proper use for life, and after to his heirs male lawfully to be begotten, and for want of such issue to my sonne Thomas and his heirs male.  Item, my will and meaneing is that if my sonne John dye before he shall attain his age of foure and twentie yeares that then the money, table and Ring with all the premises formerly given the sayd John shall goe and remaine unto and in the hands of Thomas Copinger the onely sonne surviving, And if my two sonnes John and Thomas shall depart this life before foure and twentie yeares of theire ages then my will is my two daughters Elizabeth and Bridgett shall share and devide equally all theire portions formerly given them betweene them.  My will and meaneing further is that soe long as any of my children sonne or daughter remaine unmarried not settled in any course or calling whereby they may be able to maintaine themselves but live at home upon the charge of theire mother that then she shall reserve and keepe theire said severall portions in her owne hands untill they be disposed of in a way of settlement, Provided alwaies that if any of my children shall behave themselves undutifully towards theire mother, and will not be ruled by her, or marry without her consent, or take ill courses, every such sonne or daughter shall forfeit theire portions, and it shall be lawfull for theire mother to allow him, her, or any of them towards theire maintenance what she shall please, and I ordaine and make Elizabeth my deare and loveing wife sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament, unto whom I give and bequeath all the residue and remainder of all my goods, chattels, moveable plate, jewells, bonds, bills, debts, household stuffe, and all manner of implements of household for and towards the payment of my debts, funerall charges, probate and this my will, and bringing up my children in the knowledge and feare of God.  And in case my estate at the day of my death shall not amounte unto the full sume of the severall lecacies herein bequeathed to and every one of my children, then my will and meaneing is that myne Executrix shall make abatement of every particular legacie proportionably.  And for manifestation that this is my last will I have written it with myne owne hand, and doe publish and declare it in the presence of Henry Copinger.  Signed, sealed, and published in the presence of Nathaniel Snow, Rhoda Farm.

Proved at Bury St. Edmunds, 9th October, 1661.

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