(13)  Thomas Copinger

In the "Memorials of the family of Cobham" it is stated that Frances Broke, b. 31st July, 1549, daughter of William, Lord Cobham, who died in 1597, married first Thomas Coppinger, of Davington, in the Co. Kent, secondly, Edward Beecher.  In the Harl. MSS., No. 98, is a copy of the articles of agreement made upon the Copinger marriage:-

"Articles of agreement made 6th June, 8 Elizabeth, between Henry Nevylle, Lord Abergavenny, and Henry Copinger, of the parish of Allhallows, in the hundred of Hooe, Co. Kent, Esq.  That Tho. Copinger, son and heir apparent of said Henry, should marry Frans. Brook, eldest daughter of Right Hon. Sir William Brooke, Lord Cobham, and Lord Warden of the Sink Ports, said Lord Cobham to give 1000 marks, &c."

In the chancel on the north wall of the church of Allhallows, a monument formerly existed with effigies, arms, and inscription, respecting this Thomas Copinger.  In an old MS. it is stated then to have been almost defaced.[1]  From another manuscript[2] we find that the arms and inscriptions then remaining were:-

1. Four coats, quarterly: (1) Copinger, three bendlets surmounted by a fesse charged with three Rundlets: (2) Bond, arg. two bendlets sa. in chief, a cross crosslet of the second; (3) Alphage or Alphew, arg. a fesse between three boars' heads couped sa.; (4) Petit, arg. a chevron engrailled gu. between three bugle horns, sa. stringed or.

2.  Twelve coats, quarterly: (1) Brooke, gu. on a chevron arg. a lion rampant sa., crowned or. armed and tongued of the first; (2) on a chevron three lions rampant; (3) seven mascles, 3, 3, 1; (4) two boars heads nebule; (5) a fesse between six crosses, flory; (6) a chevron between three eagles legs, erased; (7) vaire, three bendlets; (8) on a bend three goats passant; (9) a chevron between three bulls' heads, caboshed; (10) a fesse counter compony, between six crosses forme; (11) two bendlets; (12) bendy of ten.

Tho. Coppingero de Buxhall in provintia Sudovologarum orto, Cantii, inhabitatori pacœs administratori et vicecomiti aequo bonoque fautori, parenti benemerenti et filio primogenito Hen. Coppingeri Armigeri, et Agnet. filiæ Tho. Germin equitis aurati Guilielmus Coppinger filius et heres ejusdem, Tho. C. Francisca unica sobole prenobil.  Guilielmi Brook, baron Cobham et Dorot.  filœ Georgii Nevill dominiA bergaven.  hoc monumentum pietatis et memoriæ ergo consecravit,  Anno Domini, 1587.

"Thomas Coppinger, ten., Man. de Buxhall, &c., et lx. acr. terr. in Buxhall et Rathelsden de R. et de Duc. Lancastr. per. serv. mil. per liber. ac. 13 Eliz."

He was appointed a commissioner by Queen Elizabeth to examine the state of Rochester Bridge.[3]

Upon the death of Thomas Copinger the Manor of Buxhall passed to his eldest son and heir, Francis Copinger, and this is noted in the Court Rolls of the Manor, 9th December, Eliz. 43.  Before the year 1613 Francis seems to have parted with the Manor and advowson of Buxhall to his uncle, Henry Copinger, who was then Rector of Lavenham, for in that year Henry Copinger appears from the Court Rolls to have been Lord of the Manor, and Francis did not die till 1626, and left many children.  In the reign of Elizabeth there was a suit in Chancery by Francis Copinger, Esq., plaintiff, against Sir Michael Sands, Knt., and John Edwards, gent., to establish an exchange.  The premises were "marsh lands, called Ham Marsh, in the parish of Luddenham, in the County of Kent, exchanged by defendant Sands with Thomas Copinger, Esq., deceased, plaintiff's father, for other marsh grounds in the same parish."  Chan. Pro. temp. Eliz., C.c. 15, No. 34.

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