(6)  Patrick Coppinger

He suceeded his father, Edward Coppinger, in 1624. The following is a copy of his petition to Lord Inchiquin in 1642 : -

The Petition of Patrick Coppinger[1] of Y., Mercht, to Lo. Inchiquin, &c.

1642. Mar. That whereas yr Petr hath been rated with greater payments towards the maintenance of the army than many others in the town, of better means, for manifest proof he made payment to several officers, &c., to the sum of 26li. 1s. as by their acquittances may appear, besides the taking away 440 hides of his goods, for the use of the army, with the losses by detaining his house, being worth 14li. per annum, to keep provision for the army in, without paying rent of 10li. now due, and having lost all his means is unable to bear any further rates, and hath no livelihood but by cohabiting with his mother, a poor widdow of a great charge of house - many children and families more than her ability can maintain in support, as as yr Ldsp. did promise here in Y. in the presence of credible gent. to grant him a protection for debts due, until he was repaid what he was out of purse for the maintenance of the army.  It is so, Right Hon., that Richard Nagle of Y., Merch., brother-in-law of your petr, became bound for your suppt for 21li. was arrested. It may please your honr to require all commanders of horse and foot, &c., not to charge your petr with more towards the relief of the army, without satisfaction to him as afsd, &c.
6 April., 1643 Petr shall have satisfaction for his house, &c., made for the use of the army, &c., and his Majys officers, &c., are required not to detain in prison the petr or his surety for the space of six months next ensuing, &c.                     INCHIQUIN.
    Intrat. 12 April, 1643.

In 1663, Patrick Coppinger filed his claim in respect of 1,217 a. 0r. 16p.  He was described as of Cork and Youghal.  The claim is No. 373, and came on for hearing on Wednesday, the 17th June, 1663.  The same day the claim of Kath. Coppinger and Ellen, daughters of Walt., and Katherine their mother, came on also for hearing. They were described as of Youghall, and their claim was numbered 374.[2]

[1] See Roll VIII., No. 16 of Enrolments of divers Innocents, preserved in the office of the Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer, Dublin.

[2] There was a suit in Chancery in 1628 between Sir Nicholas Welsh of Clonmore, in Co. Kilkenny, Knt., and Thomas FitzGerald, Patrick Coppinger, John Braggatt, but this referred most probably to another Patrick.  The decree was dated the 20th Nov., 1628, and was to the effect that the plaintiff should be established in possession of the lands of Ilandhobbock, Kildiglan, Garriduffe, and Ballinvellon, in the county of Waterford, with accounts against the defendants.  The defendants to be examined on personal interrogatories as to having made or conveyed any secret or fraudulent lease or title of same.

Amongst the Patent and Close Rolls, Chancery, Ireland, this same year, 1628, 4 Charles I., Membrane 27, we find : - Pardon of several alienations of the lands of Callaghane, in the County of Waterford, made to James Power of Callaghane to Patrick Coppinger and Richard Meaghe, and afterwards by the said Patrick Coppinger after the death of Richard Meaghe and William Power, son of said James, to William Dobbin, his heirs and assigns, and afterwards by Dobbyn and Power to John Sherlock Fitz James and William Walsh.  It is dated the 10th July, and no doubt refers to the same Patrick last mentioned.  The deed by which James Power granted the lands to "Patrick Coppinger and Richard Meaghe" is dated 20 January, 1st of Jac. I., and a copy will be found in the deeds relating to Waterford preserved in the Public Record Office, Dublin.

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