(5)  James Coppinger

He is named in the Pat. Roll, m 15 Jae. I., and was among the jury to inquire into offences in the town of Youghal, 1610.  In 1611 he was elected Mayor, and received the rod and other ensignees, and was sworn, but being called before the Vice-President of Munster to take the oath of supremacy, he refused to do so, and was thereupon deposed, the Corporation having to proceed to another election, according, as it was said, to "accustomed manner, time out of mind." He does not appear again for some time.  His name is among some jurors in 1616 and 1623, and 1625 October 10, and he is mentioned in the Council Book once in 1615.  From the following memorandum he appears to have been an Alderman in 1619:-

Mem.  28 April, 1619.  James Coppinger of Y. Ald., Domk Goughe, Doctor of Physick, and Christ.  Bluett, mercht., tendered themselves to be bound in 100li., in the presence of Mr. Christmas Harford, Mayor, according to the intent of an arbitration made between Anstas. Collins, plt., and Rich. Ronane def. of which Lawrence Parsons, Esq., and Thomas Houldshippe were the arbitrators, and for that it was alleadged that Jas. Ronane and Mr. Parsons were not within the Towne, and uncertain when they should.  The security of the above Coppinger, Goughe, and Bluett was not accepted.

1620. 21 Feb. There is a receipt by James Coppinger, Edw. Coppinger, and others, that each had received two of the town leathern buckets, to be forthcoming on all occasions for the safety and use of the town.

In 1626 he was elected Mayor as the following entries from the Council Book show :-

Elegees pro Maiorate Jacobus Coppinger qui habet voces 58.
1626. 15 Sep. Elegees pro Ballivis Will. Walsh do 55 Roger Coppinger do 59.  By election and voices James Coppinger is Mayor, Will. Walsh and Roger Coppinger Baylifs, and on 29 Sep. took their oaths, and the  old Mayor delivered to the new Mayor the rod, sword, and other ensigns.
1626. 6 Oct. In open court James Coppinger Mayor received from the late Mayor two several boxes or cases: in the one (being a small box) were six old charters, in the other being a long case, two charters from King James, with the non summons.  Magna panella jurata ad inquirendum de omnibus offensis, &c. John Coppinger and others Freemen at large sworn, Stephen Coppinger and Piris Coppinger.
1626. 9 Jan. Mem.  That Mr. Thomas Ronane this day delivered to James Coppinger, Esq., Mayor of Y., in the presence of the Recorder and Alden, the patent of the black rent and a letter of Queen Eliz. corncerning the same, with other escrites in paper corncerning said black rent, which were put in the Town chest.

   He is Mayor again in 1628, 30 September, and during this year several letters passed between him and the Lord President, which are still preserved in the Corporation Chest, Youghal.[1]

1628, 25 Sept.
A flood has swept away the bridge at Mallow, and the President writes to the Maior of Youghall.

"Mr. Maior,

"The late vnresistable waters hath taken from vs or bridge at Moyallo, wch must be for the soddaine supplyed by boate, of wch we are dis-furnished.  I must therefore earnestly require yow to send speedily hether two or three prime boat-wrights to frame a boate to supply or defecte against this sitting, that they may be here by Saturday next, to be in readynes to fall to work on Monday, who shall be well accommodated and requited for their paines. So I bedd yow farewell.       

     Yor loueing friend, "Moyallo, 25 Sep., 1628.
     W. ST. LEGER.

"To  my very louieving freind the Maior of the Towne of Yoghall.  Theis."

[Endorsed] - "The Lord President is letter for Carpintars for makeing of a botte."

1628, 5 Oct.
Having received an unsatisfactory answer to his letter of 25 Sept., Sir William St. Leger wrote again to the Maior : -

"Mr. Maior,

"I did not expect to have received from yow so sleeveless an answeare to my more serious directions, as if the towne of Yoghall had not afforded carrage for the workman's tools hether, or that I would have been backward in payment for anything that had been done for mee.  But my hope is, yor future respects to me will be better than this beginning, and that the boatwright vpon the receite hereof will be send (sic) speedily away       

     "Yor loueing friend, "Moyallo, 5 Octob., 1628.
     W. ST. LEGER.

"To my loueing freind the Maior of Yoghall."

[Endorsed] - "The Lord Presidt is letter for the carpenter for makg a botte at Malie."

1628, 24 Oct.

Sir W. St. Leger's Warrant "to Wm, Sapperton, corporal, and to Cornelius Keff, two of my Troope."  The entermainment of twelve Horse for three months and eleven days, ending 30 Sept. last past, has not been paid by the Maior of Yoghall.  Sapperton and Keff are to rise with their arms and "march by the directest way to Yoghall vnto the house of Edward Stoute, the late Maior."  There they are to remain taking meat, drink, &c., and 12d. per diem (as well for the days of their march as of their being there quartered) until the assessment be paid.

[On reverse is Sapperton's receipt to James Coppinger, Mayor of Yoghall, bearing date 10 December, 1628, for the sum of £61. 4s. 0d., being the full amount of the aforesaid assessment.]

There are one or two other letters from Sir W. St. Leger and his secretary "to the woll James Copinger, Esq., Maior of Yoghall, and my very loueing friend."

1633. 16 Oct. Note of order made 12 Apl., 1620  Imp. That there shall be no more Taverns in this town to sell wines but ten, which is one Tavern for Edw. Coppinger, Ald., and one for James Coppinger, Ald., more, &c.
Mem. 3 May, 1634. The above James Coppinger hath sold his license to sell wines to James Gibbons of Y., Mercht., for 15li., to have to his heirs, &c., during the lives of Avery and Nagle.  Present, Jas. Coppinger who sold his license, Guliel. Gough, Cler. Theol.

[1] Appendix E to Dr. Caulfield's "Council Book of the Corporation of Youghal."

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