(4)  Edward Or Edmund Coppinger

In 1610, 5th October, his name appears amongst those who are to enquire into offences within the town of Youghal.  In 1612 he was nominated Mayor but not elected, and this year he is probably the Recorder, from the following entry in the Council Book, in which, however, he is occasionally called Edmund:-

1612. 2 Oct. Mem.  Where the Town is in arrear unto Edmund Coppinger Esq. for his entertainment as Recorder, which through want of Revenue they cannot discharge, and whereas there is due to the town by bond from certain of the inhabitants of Cloymel 35li, being a remain of certain agreements of freedom between the two corporations.  It is agreed that Edmd Coppinger shall have the debt of 35li assigned to him provided that upon recovery he redeem into his hands the Chantry land now in mortgage with Sir Richd Boyle, Knt., and not afterwards.  That he release his former arrears, and continue his office of Recordership so long as he shall be duly satisfied, &c.

The following year, on 7th June, he was chosen to serve in parliament, with John Forest, for the Borough, and they were allowed 10s. per diem for the maintenance of themselves, their man, and horses during said Parliament.  And it was ordered by the Council that 60li. should be levied upon the inhabitants of Youghal for the purpose by the Mayor.  In 1614 he was directed to proceed to England on Her Majesty's service, and on this occasion another tax of 30li. was levied on the inhabitants.  The order was made on the 6th May.  In 1614, by the verdict of the Grand Jury, it was found that Mr. Edmond Coppinger and others had stopped up the highways leading to Glawnemore and Glawneyadie.  The following entries, taken from Dr. Caufield's Council Book of Youghal, apply to this gentleman:-

Mem.  12 May 1613 Richard Goughe Mayor &c. by their letters of attorney appointed Edmond Coppinger and John Forrest Aldermen their agents and attorneys in the parliament to be holden in H M Castell of Dublin 18 May next, for which they are to have their expenses during the continuance in parliament, 10s. per diem.,viz. 5s. a piece 4 days in going, and 4 days in their return back from said parliament, as by the said letter appeareth.

1619. 7 Jan. "It. I gave to Edmond Coppinger and Thomas Ronane, when they went to Corcke to speak with the Lord Sarsfield about the black rent - - - - .'

1619. 2 Nov. The account of the customer's disbursements of the Petty Customs " To Mr. Edmond Coppinger, to go to Dublin about the Town business, 5li."

1620. 6 Oct. Among the Jury for the perambulation of the bounds of the Towne - Edw. Coppinger.

1623. 28 Oct. Account of Mr. Llewellin and Tho. Holdshipp customers &c., of the receipt of the Petty customs &c.  In hand 11li. 6s. whereof he is appointed to pay Mr. Edw. Coppinger an arrear due to him by the corporation, 5li. 10s., for which the town is charged with a ticket in Mr. Tho. Holdshipp's hands &c.  So there rests in Mr. Llewellen's hand but 5li. 10s. which the town is content to give the Recorder for his great pains.

1615. 14 Sep. Eligees pro Maiorat Edward Coppinger qui habit voces 37 - By election &c. Edmund Coppinger Mayor.

  19 Sep. The above Edwd Coppinger received the rod, &c. and with the ballives was sworn &c.

1615. 21 Oct. Mr. Edwd Coppinger late Mayor, Will. Bluet, and Nich. Forrest, late Ballives, being called before the Right Honl the Lord President of Munster, about three weeks past, and the oath of supremacy tendered unto them, they denied to take same, and thereupon were deposed as by his Honour's letter signified.  Wherefore the Corporation descended to a new election.

In 1613 Edward Coppinger joins in a petition to the King as to "abuses in the elections and the corrupt and false returns of divers sheriffs and officers,"  The following years, as appears from a letter of the Lords of the Council to Lord Chichester, 27th January, 1614, he was summoned over to the King.[1]

Among the State Papers, Ireland, James I., 1615 (42) is a letter from James Myagh to his brother Gerrett Myagh; he "prays to be commended to Edw. Coppinger and Cat. and Hanna Coppinger, John Coppinger and Walter Coppinge." "To his loving brother Mr. Garrett Myagh, Merchant at Cork," endorsed.

Edward Coppinger made his Will in 1624, and the following is a copy : -

Will of Edward Coppinger, 1624.

The             day of July 1624. 

In the name of God amen I Edward Coppinger of Youghal Alderman being sick of body, yet god be thanked of good and perfect memory doe make my last will and testament in manner following :‑ 

First I bequeath my soule to god my maker and redeemer And my boddy to be buried in the parish church of Youghal. 

Item I doe leave all my goods and chattels whatsoever to my wieff And children, and do make them all joyntly executors of this my last will and testament. 

Item I doe appoint Thomas Goaghe of Clonmell esq. piers Coppinger of Watterford merchaunt James Coppinger of Youghal merchaunt piers Maighe of the same merchaunt and Philipe Ronaine of Youghal aforesaid gentleman Tutters and overseers of my wife, children, goods and chattels And this my last will and testament to convert and dispose of all things to the best use for the behoofe of my said wiefe And children. 

Itm I doe bequiet unto me brother Geordge morgan.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto mrgreat ronaine.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto Adrian Coppinger.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto juan Coppinger fz Thomas.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto juan Coppinger fz William.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto Aminy Ronaine.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto vian Ronaine.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto James Forrest.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto Patrick Kelley.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto Anthony Gallwan.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto the poorre people of this toune.... 10li ster

Itm I doe bequiet unto Catteren Coppinger.... 5li ster

Itm I doe leave and ordaine my exor for to satisy and paie all such debts as is lawfully due from me unto any other man whatsoever

Witness our hands 12th of July 1624. 

Being present      ADRIAN COPPINGER.            ANTHONY GALLWAN.[2]

[1] State Papers, Irish Series, 1611-1614.

[2] On the back is the following memorandum : -

The widdowes name is Ellan Copinger als Ronan.
Stephen Copinger
Thomas Copinger
Patrick Copinger
Ellan Copinger
Margaret Copinger
Mary Copinger
Children of the deceased
exors with their mother

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