(1)  Thomas Coppinger

The following extracts from the Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, relate to Thomas Coppinger, father of Patrick and Thomas the Mayors :-

July 16
Vol. 628, p.65.

219.  Queen Elizabeth.
A memorial of the answer given by the Queen with the advice of the Council, to sundry of her subjects of Ireland making suits to her, delivered to the Lord Deputy, 16 July anno primo.
24.  Where - Coppinger had heretofore in that realm a pension of 2s. a day for service to be done by him in the said realm at the command of the Deputy, he shall have the same continued to him during our pleasure.  Signed both at the beginning and the end.  Elizabeth R.  Pp. 6.  Endorsed by Cecil.

July 16.

Elizabeth.  Vol.1.
49.  Summary of the requests of the Earl of Clanrycard:  Thomas Coppinger and others.


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