(9)  John Coppinger Of Granacloyne

JOHN COPPINGER married Mary Goolde, whose elder sister Johanna married his brother Stephen, and settled on his brother's estate of Granacloyne.  They had a numerous family, and the two households seem, by the testimony of old letters and wills, to have lived on the most friendly terms.  The Will of their mother-in-law, Helen, widow of Alderman Stephen Goold, gives some family details.  She bequeaths to her beloved sons-in-law, Stephen Coppinger (of Barryscourt and Ballyvolane), James Nagle (of Annakissy), and John Coppinger (of Granacloyne), the sum of 14,600 livres tournois, which she has per contract in the town house of Paris, to be equally divided among them.

She then gives a mortgage of £308 on part of concerns of Counsellor Thomas Harran, "North key of Corke."  Mortgage on two tenements in the  "towne of Kinsale," tenure of John Parker and Mr. Dibbins, to John Coppinger, as part of the marriage portion of his wife Mary, still unpaid; when paid out of these various moneys he is to give up the affectionate terms.  John's descendants afterwards moved to Midleton, where several of them still exist wealthy and influential.

The Will of John's mother-in-law. Helen Goulde, throws considerable light on the marriage.  John's nephew and namesake, whose Will is quoted later, commends him and his family in an especial manner to the care of his brother William.

In this Will, made 11th March, 1725, she is described as "Helen Goolde, Widow" of Alderman Stephen Goolde, of the City of Cork, Merchant.

She bequeaths to her grand-daughter Mary Coppinger of Barryscourt, "All the beds, bed-clothes, secretaires, and chests of drawers," then in her father Stephen Coppinger's house of Ballyvolane.  The three sons-in-law to be executors and trustees.

This Will was proved 6th November, 1746.

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