(6)  Henry Coppinger

His son Henry married the daughter of Connor or Cornelius O'Brien, of Kilcor, Co. Cork, whose mother was daughter of his Uncle Thomas.  From him descends General Joseph Coppinger, formerly of the Spanish service, who gallantly distinguished himself on various occasions, especially at St. Juan d'Alloa, in Mexico, and in the Floridas, where he fought against General Andrew Jackson, afterwards president of the United States.  General Coppinger resided at the Havana.  He married late in life and had a numerous family. Captain Henry's descendants in the female line - The Coppingers of Myross, Co. Cork, own considerable estates in Co. Cork, and many of his other descendants are still traceable.  D'Alton states that he was a merchant in Cork before he commanded a troop of horse in Carroll's Dragoons, and this is borne out by the extract from the Council Book of Cork already given.  James Coppinger appears among the lieutenants in the same regiment in which Henry Coppinger's name appears among the captains.  Whether he followed the fortunes of his colonel to the plains of Italy, or lingered on idle in France, does not appear.  It is pleasant, however, to know that as the progeny of the stout sheriff are prosperous French citizens, so the posterity of the Jacobite captain are honoured and prosperous under the power which sheltered the Blakes and O'Donnells in the darkest days of Irish history.  Of Matthew Coppinger little is known, save that he was a merchant and attainted along with his brother, whose outlawry he shared.  His record merely contains these words:-  "Matthew Coppinger Attainted and Outlawed for High Treason."

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