(20)  Robert Henry Coppinger

20 Robert Henry Coppinger

Robert Henry Coppinger son of Valentine J Coppinger, Barrister at Law and his wife Kate Georgina nee Kane. He was Richard William's nephew.

He enrolled in the Royal Navy on 15th January 1891. I can find him in the announcement in the London Gazette of 17th May 1898 when he was promoted Lieutenant and on 2nd January 1911 promoted to Captain. I can also find him on a document describing those listed as the dreadnought Rear Admirals and, as I understand it giving the date of 30th June 1916 as the date of his promotion.

His appointment as Commander of the British Empire appears in the London Gazette on 25th May 1919 naming him as Captain Robert Henry Coppinger "for valuable services while in commmand of HMS Orcoma on ocean escort".

Unfortunately there ends my information on the gentleman.

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