(63)  Anne Stevens Copinger

(63) Anne Stevens Copinger

Anne Stevens Copinger was born in Norfolk, Virginia on 19thJanuary 1924. When she was nine years old the family moved from Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland. There she attended a women’s college where she majored in Biology.

While working in a laboratory at the John Hopkin’s School of Public Health she met Chester A Gleiser, a student on the Military Public Health course. They were married on 23rdApril 1949.

They had two daughters, Betsy and Suzanne.

Chester served in the army for 23 years as a veterinary pathologist retiring as a colonel.

Having followed Chester through several postings Anne and he finally settled in San Antonio, Texas, where Chester taught at the medical school. Chester died in 1997.

Anne lived in San Antonio in the house they occupied until her death on 11th October 2011. .

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