(62)  Roger Bernard Copinger Snr.

(62) Roger Bernard Copinger Snr.

Roger Bernard was born in Baltimore on 17thMarch 1894. Although he left school at the age of 15 and began work for the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, his education continued.

He attended the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and graduated from the School of Law of the University of Maryland in 1916. He had been admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland on 25th August 1915 and to the Supreme Court of Appeals for Virginia on 27thJanuary 1920.

His company transferred him to Dallas, Texas in 1916 where he opened the their first claim office in the state.

In May 1917 he enlisted in the U.S.Navy as an apprentice seaman and served on various types of war ships, he was commissioned and served on the USS New Jersey with the Atlantic Fleet. He was released from active duty in March 1919 although he remained part of the naval reserve.

Returning to the USF&G he was assigned to Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia as Superintendent of claims for Virginia, North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. Between January 1933 and February 1942 he undertook those duties at the Baltimore branch office.

After Pearl Harbour he was recalled to active service until his final release in 1946 with the rank of Commander.

Returning again to the insurance company he was appointed Executive Assistant to the Vice President in charge of claims, a post which he held until his retirement on 1stApril 1959.

He continued to be employed by the Security Insurance group as Executive Assistant for the New Amsterdam Casualty Company and its associated companies and later for the Insurance Department of Maryland.

Roger was a member of the Virginia State Bar Association and the University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Roger had been a member of the Naval Reserve Advisory Committee and had clearly maintained the connection with his naval past. He was a member of the Retired Officers Association, the National Association for Uniformed Services, the Army and Navy Club of Washington and would no doubt bring his experience in insurance matters to the Casualty and Surety Club of Baltimore.

Roger Married Ida Speight Stevens on 21st April 1921. They had two children.

Anne Stevens was born in Norfolk, Virginia on 19th January 1924, and later a son, still living.

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