(52)  Helen Joyce Copinger

(52) Helen Joyce Copinger

Helen Joyce Copinger was born in Manchester on 27th August 1914 the first daughter of Harold Bernard and Helen Theresa Copinger

The first we know of her education was in 1925 when, at the age of 11, she attended the independent girl's school. St. Margaret's in Hampstead, a school at which her elder cousin Hilda Jean Copinger was probably teaching and who in 1927 became its headmistress. In 1931 Joyce began four years education at the High School in Wembley. This was followed by a years course in Domestic Science at Berridge House and a further years course in Pitman's typing and book keeping.

Joyce began work in 1938, employed by her father in the Bedford Bookshop which had just moved to Tavistock Place. Here she dealt largely with the 2nd hand-book department of the shop which dealt almost exclusively with the books relating to the Catholic Apostolic Church.

Joyce's work during the war years began in 1942 when she drove tractors with the Land Army. She also drove for the ARP transporting the sitting wounded. At some point she joined the W.A.A.F. and worked as a driver based in Horseferry Road, London.

Demobbed from the WAAF in 1946 she had a six month employment trial at Middlesex Hospital which was clearly unsuccessful and she began clerical work at the Guide club in Belgrave Square.

In 1950 she became a receptionist at Bramshott Lodge, Haslemere, an organisation for "Professional People of Limited Means". In 1953 she took her clerical abilities to Laurston Girls' School for two years,

In 1955 Joyce made the considerable change of moving to Australia to work with the Australian National Travel Association. While there and having seen the opening of the 1948 Olympics in London she was able to see the opening ceremony of the 1956 game in Melbourne. In 1957 she began two years employment in Tasmania with the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation.

Returning to England in 1959 she went to Enton Hall Hydro who offered a treatment of a light diet for 6 months before going to Durban, South Africa to visit her sister Mary and her 4 children.

Back in England in 1960 she was engaged as companion and chauffeuse to a Mrs Morrison of Albury and later Guildford. Mrs Morrision died in 1972 and Joyce found further clerical work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Fisheries at their Guildford office.

Joyce finally retired in 1976.

Shortly after her retirement Joyce moved into an apartment in Abbot's Hospital, Guildford. It was actually sheltered accommodation attached to the church having historically been a monastery. She helped in the church by polishing the silver and making preparations for services.

In 2003 she moved into a residential home, Pilgrim Wood, saying that Abbot's Hospital could not provide the level of care she needed.

In 2005 as her need for care increased Joyce moved into St. Catherine's Manor Nursing Home where she remained until her death on 21st January 2006.

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