(50)  Kenneth Bernard Copinger

(50) Kenneth Bernard Copinger

Kenneth, the only child of Charles Arden de Burgh Copinger and his second wife, Lillian Cowgill, was born in 1932.

He suffered ill health all his life with asthma. In an effort to relieve the symptoms the family frequently moved looking for a better area which might help his breathing eventually settling in Scarborough. His health affected many of his activities at school yet he was nevertheless academically strong.

However his asthma also affected his ability to obtain employment and he moved from Scarborough to Bishop Auckland in County Durham to work as a 'bus conductor with a locally based company.

He met Vera through the church where she was active as a Sunday School teacher. They were married in 1960 and their daughter Linda was born in February 1961.

Kenneth was found dead at his home on 17th February 1961. His death certificate shows that he had committed suicide.

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