(44)  Wilfrid Herbert Copinger

(44) Wilfrid Herbert Copinger

Wilfrid Herbert Copinger was born on 14th October 1880 and was educated at The Grocers School, Hackney when his father was curate at Clapton and later at the Royal High School, Edinburgh, his father being attached to the parish of Joppa.

He went into the scholastic profession and taught at Mildenhall and Kettering before starting his own school in Brighton. He was Married on 16th December 1908 to his cousin, Margaret Sarsfield Copinger, the daughter of Walter Arthur Copinger. Their first child Winifrid Margaret was born in Brighton. Alas the school failed financially, he was too kind to the parents who did not pay their fees, he then taught in a school in Harrow and his son Geoffrey Arthur was born at Buxhall in 1910.

In 1911 he began his long association with the Hall Preparatory School in Hampstead, then known as the Belsize School. It was only during the second world war that his services with the school ceased. He was a much loved master and acted as Vice-Principal for many years. His last teaching assignment was with a school in Bedford where he became closely connected with the parish church.

He was brought up in the Catholic Apostolic Church and became an Under-deacon, although his father, Herbert Edward, was a Church of England clergyman.

He died peacefully in his sleep at his daughter's home in 1949 after enjoying his last work, that of acting Secretary to Dr. Davson, the last surviving priest of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Paddington.

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