(42)  Hilda Jean Copinger

(42) Hilda Jean Copinger

St. Margaret's is an Independent Girls' School, one of the two oldest schools in Hampstead. It was founded by Miss Elizabeth Tulloch in 1884. As the school grew it moved to Oak Hill Park in 1899, increasing in size and scope. Miss Hilda Copinger was Headmistress from 1927. In 1929 a Domestic Science School was added.

At the start of the Second World War the school was evacuated to Burgess Hill in Sussex, but returned to Hampstead in 1940. It expanded again and moved to its present location in 1943. When Miss Copinger died in 1953 the school was reconstructed under a Board of Governors.

At her death Hilda Jean Copinger was 74 years old. The only reason one can imagine for her remaining in the post until that age is that not only was she the headmistress but that she also owned the school.

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