(40)  Katherine Copinger

(40) Katherine Gandy nee Copinger.

Known throughout the family as Kitty she was born on 28th August 1881.

She married John Gandy, 2nd son of Charles Gandy of Newcastle upon Tyne, at Buxhall on 29th March 1913. They went to live near Springs, South Africa where she died in August 1966.

Letters I received from her in the early 1960s give not only information about her life then but also included little memories from her childhood which I am delighted to be able to include.

"The eldest brother, Stewart, died when he was 11 years old and had a letter from his school saying he was top of the school. He was to have gone out to live in America with Grand Father but it was too late"

"Then Uncle Maurice wanted to adopt my brother Jim (James F. Trefusis) so he went to Port Pirie but 6 weeks after his arrival died of sunstroke. He was only 16 years old."

"I had been working with my father since I was 8 years old until he died. I typed all his M.S.S., he used to write his books in long hand, and made indexes for several of his books. He wrote 60 books always between 12midnight and 4am. Sometimes Mother and I would read aloud to him and he could still write and knew all we read"

Of their house in South Africa she wrote, " We have a lovely place here, 6 miles from Springs, a very up to date town, 24 miles from Jo'burg. We have 5 acres of ground, lovely trees and flowering shrubs and masses of flowers, an orchard, duck pond, fountain and small land for melons, pumpkins and potatoes.

I have my mother's Georgian silver and a miniature of Capt. Cruel Copinger and the 2 Miss Trefusis"

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