(38)  Charles Arden de Burgh Copinger

(38) Charles Arden de Burgh Copinger

Charles Arden de Burgh Copinger was born in Manchester On 25th January 1877.

Having trained as an electrical engineer he became manager of the Bentham Electric Power Station. At some time he published a paper suggesting the use of windmills and boreholes for obtaining water.

He learned to print when his father bought a printing press with the intentions of printing copies of his private book collection.

On 27th December 1899 he married Essie Maud Tanner, the daughter of Mr. Thomas Tanner, F.R.C.S., L.D.S. of Manchester, a founder of the Manchester Dental Hospital. Their marriage was kept secret for about a year and then his father's disapproval was such that he largely disinherited Charles from his will leaving him only £500 while the Buxhall properties and the remainder of the estate was left to his younger brothers and his sisters in a somewhat complicated trustee will.

After the death of Essie Maud in 1930 he married Lilian Cowgill of Bentham on 3rd August 1931. With her he celebrated his second silver wedding anniversary. He retired to Scarborough where he died on 11th December 1963.

Having outlived all his sons he was survived by his wife and one daughter of his first marriage, Essie Monica.

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