(37)  Herbert Edward Copinger

(37) Herbert Edward Copinger

He was born on 22ndFebruary 1849 at Spalding in Lincolnshire. Little information has survived about his day to day life. On 10thNovember 1875 he married Annie Stewart, the daughter of Captain Edward Claringbold Canney of Brighton, Sussex.

He had “gone into the church” and sometime in the early 1880’s he travelled to New Zealand where he had a church in Palmerston. By 1888 the family had returned to England and are known to have been in London. In 1894 he was the vicar of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Edinburgh.

He died in Bedford on 25th June 1904. I understand from an asthma attack. He was survived by his wife who lived until the age of 76.

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