(25)  Thomas Copinger

He was a zealous adherent of Charles Edward, was engaged in diplomatic service on behalf of the Stuart family, and received several marks of favour at the French Court.  Amongst other relics of the Stuarts possessed by this branch of the family is a mother-of-pearl snuff box, inlaid with diamonds, and containing a miniature of the old chevalier, given to Thomas at Rome by Pope Benedict XIV.

He died unmarried at Gottenburgh, and in his Will, dated 7th July, 1750, he refers to his aunt, Jane Gould, widow of Michael Gould, to his mother, Catherine Coppinger, and his brothers, Stephen and John; also to his sisters, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Jane, and Margaret.  The Will is signed "Thos. Coppinger," and is sealed with a device known as the bull's head, the arms now borne by the Coppingers of Barryscourt.  It is one of the earliest Wills having a seal with this device, and the only one so sealed of any member of this branch of the family.

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