(23)  Robert Copinger

He married, in 1752, Miss Jane Waller, of Castlewaller, Co. Tipperary, and by his marriage settlement dated the 12th and 13th November, 1752, made between the said Robert Copinger of the first part, Edward Taylor and Samuel Waller of the second part, George Green and Richard Maunsell of the third part, and the said Jane Waller of the fourth part (after charging his estate with a jointure for the said Jane, and a provision for younger children), limited the said estate to the use of himself for life, with remainder to his first and every other son in tail male, with an ultimate remainder to his own right heirs.  The said Robert duly levied a fine and suffered a common recovery in Hilary Term, 1754, in pursuance of a covenant to this effect contained in the settlement.

He died without issue in 17-- , having by his Will, dated 1754, devised his estate at Glenville to his brother and heir-at-law, Maurice Copinger.

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