(22)  James Copinger

He was attained and outlawed for high treason, and followed the fortunes of the Stuart.  He left Ireland and went to France.  The following "Discoverer's Petition"[1] throws light on his path up to 1700, but no trace can be discovered of a later date. 

Discoverer's Petition, 1700. Abstract of Petition and Claim of Edmond Roche, of Trabolgan, in reference to Copinger property.

No. 415.  Note from the Petition and Claim of Edmond Roche. Reciting that:

Walter Copinger, late of Rynecoolisky, in the County of Cork, gent., deceased," being in his lifetime seised in fee of Glanegaule and Killunton, Barony of Barrymore and County aforesaid by deed indented of release, dated 10th October, 1671 (reciting a former deed of mortgage, fine, and recovery in consideration of £300, if same made by said Walter to Michael Gold of the City of Cork, Esquire, or his heirs on condition of redemption) did in consideration of a further sum of (£150) one hundred and fifty pounds release and confirm unto said Michael Gold and his heirs the said lands on condition of redemption of £400 with interest.

That by virtue of the said deeds the said Michael Gold was seised and possessed of the premises.

That by several mesne conveyances the mortgaged premises came to Edwd Roche, of Trabolgane deceased, who died seised and possessed thereof in or about the year 1694, ever since Francis Roche, son and heir of the said Edward, enjoys the same under the said mortgage made to Michael Gold as aforesaid.

That in or about 1686 James Copinger, second son of the said Walter the mortgagor, by grant to him made of the said condition of redemption by his said father, came and entered on the said lands and let the same from time to time and received the rents and profits thereof untill he went to France after the trouble, but still paid the interest of the said mortgage money to the said Edward Roch until the said trouble.

That Walter the mortgagor died since the troubles, and the said James as your petitioner is credibly informed is indicted and outlawed for Treason on account of the late rebellion in the Kingdom, whereby the equity and power of redemption of the premises is in yr Honbles.  All which your petitioner discovers and hopes to make appear  And therefore humbly prays that the same may be entered and that he may have the benefit of the said Act.

And he shall pray, &c.,
Nov. 2, 1700.
Recd p. Wm Fellows.

This Edmond Roche seems to have made another claim with others to the Chichester House Commissioners in respect of the same lands.  It is numbered 2,376, and he apparently claims in respect of the same mortgage mentioned in the above petition, but stated to be £450, and under the Will of his father Edward Roche, dated 2nd May, 1694, and a Deed dated the 2nd November, 1677.

[1] These petitions were filed under the 9th section of the 11 & 12 William III., c.2, which provided as follows:‑ "And for an encouragement of all and every person and persons who shall at any time after the first day of November, 1700, discover to the said Trustees any lands, tenements, hereditaments, debts, goods, chattels, real or personal estate whatsoever concealed until the time of such discovery whereof or wherein any person or persons convicted or attained, or who shall be convicted or attained as aforesaid, or any other in trust for them or any of them, was or were possessed or interested within the said Realm of Ireland, on the 13th day of February, 1688, or at any time since, every such person who shall make any such discovery shall have and receive for his reward, five shillings out of every twenty shillings or the value thereof in personal estates so discovered, after seisure, recovery or receipt thereof or the value thereof, by the said Trustees or any other person by them authorised and appointed to receive the same, and out of all lands, tenements, and hereditaments, of the yearly value of twenty shillings so discovered, after sale thereof by the said Trustees, any such proportion, not exceeding a fourth part of the value thereof, as the said Trustees shall think fit." It was in pursuance of this provision that Edmond Roche filed the above petition and claim.

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