(19)  Clara Copinger

She married John Roche, of Ballinluge, Co. Cork.  John Roche made his Will on the 12th May, 1668, wherein he is described as of "Ballinluge in the bar of Kinalea."  He directed his body to be buried with his children at Cirricuppane, if he died within three miles thereof.  His Will also contains the following devises: -

It. To my wife, Clara Roche als Coppinger, all my lands, &c., in Ballinluge, Ballinnullage, Killeney, Farrentellane, and the Gricemill of Ballihifaird in the bar. of Kinalea, with Cloack's parke near Kinsale, now set to the widow Suxberry, also my pewter, plate, cattle, &c., the benefit of all my leases of Curmuraghue, Ballincamne, and Killigreny, and that after the death of my wife all the above lands, &c., to my son Philipp, rem. to the h.m. of his body  .  .  .  .  .  It. To my heir my right in a bond perfected by my brother James Coppinger of 3,000li. to his mother, also my claim to the succession of Edmund Roche against Patrick and Edward Roche, according to the two awards of the Earle of Clancarty and Capt. Danl Dongan, my bills and bonds, and in case my son Philip should die s. h. de corp. l. p. then after my wife's death to my nephew, Michael Roche, and in case said Philip should have a dr. or drs. said Michael shall give them such a reasonable portion as my few fees in trust shall think fit; and said Michael and his heirs shall yearly, for ten years, pay unto the Dominicans of Corke 3li. for masses for my family, uncle Philip Roche, myself, my wife.

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