(17)  James Copinger

The following is among the decrees of Innocence:-

6 Nov., 1663.  James Coppinger, Native and Inhabitant of Cork, and his mother Mary Coppinger the widow of Dominick Coppinger of Cork, Esq., lately deceased, were decreed Innocent Papists and entitled to be restored to the property late of Dominick Coppinger descended to said James by and through the death of his sd Father sd Dominick including the Stone House in Cork, wherein his father and grandfather lived, messuages and rents in John Street and King Street and other tenements in the town and liberties, the Castle of Douglaserryhyreagh and Farronduke with the two grist mills there unto belonging and several parcels containing 100a Irish in the Co. of the sd City of Cork.

The Lands amounted to 27,338 acres English measure and included the Castle, town, and lands of Ballycollig, barony of Barretts - the Castle, Manor, Town, and lands of Ryncoulisky containing 3 plowlands with a Court Leet, Court Baron, and fayre and Markett - Ballinurrane containing 3 plowlands with a grist Mill and Tucking Mill - the Manor, Castle, town and lands of Donneshyard Court Leet, Court Baron, ffayre, and Market - the Castle, town, and lands of Derrynalane - the Castle town, and lands of Ould Court, &c.

The decree finds that the said Dominick was an "Innocent Papist," by and after whose death his widow became entitled to dower, and Claimant James became entitled to the remainder of the dower lands, and to the immediate possession of the rest.  That Dominick died in 1642, and the Claimants entered and were possessed untill expelled by the Usurped Power in 1654.  They are (as Innocents) to be restored to all except the lands and houses in the City and Liberties of Cork; and for these they are to be reprized in the Baronies of Barrymore and Muskerry.

May 25, 1661.  James Coppinger, of Cloghane, Co. Cork, complained that the Sheriffs of the City of Cork refused to restore him according to the Order of the Council Board.

Under the provisions of the Act of Settlement the soldiers in possession turned out were to be reprized, "But" (says Boyle, Bp. of Cork, writing to Ormond on 29th May, 1663) "they look upon reprizals as a mere whim, and will certainly join in the Cromwellian Insurrection then preparing."  "For" (he adds) "be the cause never so just that is attended with ruin of wives and children.  Those dispossessed through Coppinger's Decree have been petitioning the House of Commons and seeking subscriptions or signatures; but since the Proclamation announcing the seizure of the head Conspirators, the petition has been suspended."

The following is a letter preserved in the Commonwealth Volumes in the Irish P.R. Office, vol. 26, A28, page 68.  It is a letter from Oliver Cromwell to his son, then Lord Deputy, respecting James Copinger's claim:- 

For the Lord Henry Cromwell.

Harry Cromwell.

Upon the adresses of James Coppinger, Esq., finding that his case (if truly stated by the enclosed) to be different from many others.  And in respect of his ffather was faithfull to ye parliament in assisting them against the Rebellion, and lending them at the first 500 towards maintenance of their army, and supplying them with victuals and other necessarys upon wch accompt the Rebels burned his house and his Castles, and he himself never acted agt ye Parliament and hath Lately marryed a gentlewoman who is a protestant and of good repute We desire that all favour may be shewn him both as to his estate and alsoe exempting him from transplantation and rest.

Your Loving ffather,            Whitehall, 14th May, 1655. OLIVER P.

In vol. 39, A61, p.24 of the same series, is the following entry:

James Copinger fitz Dominick and Mary his mother relt of Domk of Corke.  The cause at hearing.  Court will consider.  Mary was in Cork in ye beginning of ye rebellion and till Dom. died, and after til expulsion yn lived at Ballyconell neare an English garrison.  She constantly pd contributions to ye English.  Doctor Worth sworn sayth ye wardsp of James was given to Mayor Piggot after Dom: death heard yt ye occasion of James his going out of the country was because of some debts.

On p. 35 is the following entry:-

James Coppinger and Joane his wife a Protestant from her birth.  Theire cause in heareing. The crt will consider.

James Copinger made his Will, dated the 20th November, 1665, which is as follows:-

Will of James Copinger, 1665.

James's wife, Joanna, made her Will in 1665, which is as follows:-

Will of Joanna Copinger, 1665.

In the name of God.  Amen.  I, Joanna Coppinger, relict, widdow, and executrix of James Coppinger, Esquire, being sicke and weake in body butt of perfect sense and memorij (God be praijsed) doe make this mij last will and testament in manner and forme following, first I bequeath mij soule to God (and hope through ye passion and merritts of mij Sauior Jesus Christ to haue eternall life) and my body to be decently buried with my deare husbande.  I doe constitute, make and appointe mij daughter Marij Coppinger to be mij sole executrix, and doe appoint my cousin William Meade of Ballinlubrid, Esquire (in whose care and affection I haue most confidence of all my kindred and relations) to be the gardian and ouerseer of her and her estate, till it please God she come to full age.  And whereas there is a clause in my husband's will that if my said daughter should marry without ye consent of me her mother that then shee should haue but one thousand pounds as a marriage portion and perferment, I doe hereby declare, and giue my consent that shee shall marry whosoeuer shee shall thinke fitt when she comes to yeares of discretion, in witness whereof I haue hereunto putt my hands, and seale, this 16th day of february, 1665.

                                                                                                                                                                                            JOANNA COPINGER.

Being present

James Thynye
Jo: Meade
Covin Carthy
Steph. Coppinger.

And my further will is in regarde my cousin William Meade was tutor to my selfe and is alsoe apointed by my husband tutor to my childe that he onely be executor dureing the minority of my childe, he giueing her a faithfull accoumpt of the trust I now comitt, and desire to be committed to him by those in power in relation to my said childes reall and personall estate and doe conceaue my said cousin William Meade fitter for this trust then my nephew William Barret, Esquire, who detaines from me my marriage portion and pretends a title and interest to som parte of my childes lands and reall estate.  As witnesse my hand and seal this nynetheenth day of February, 1665.

Being present at this addition
and further declaration to the within
will wee whose names ensue                                                                   Seal
Richard Kent                                                                               JOANNA COPINGER
James Thynyne                                                                                   her   +   mark
Mau. Roche.

This Will was proved on 13th April, 1666.

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