(13)  James Copinger

His Will is dated 1635, and is as follows:-

Jesus Maria.

In nominia patris et filius et Spertus Santii.  Amen.

I, James Copinger fiz Walter, of Corke, Esq., being weake of boddy praised by god yett of perfectt witt and memorie, do make my Last will and Testament as followes:

First I bequeath my soule to the holy Trinity, father son and holy ghost.

I leave my boddy to the earth and to by buiried whether my father pleased, and as I was crucifyed to the wourld in my Life soe I desire that the wourle by crucifyed to my after my death acordingly exspting sermonies by peaitie and devotion and noe funerall solemnitie nor pomp by used aboute my boddy bout such as is meerlie neassarie by way of decentt order for the interment of power strangers.

I leave all my lands teanementts goods and chatells mouable or onmouable to my dearlie beloued father to be disposed by him as followeth.

[I leaue to my brouther domenicke Copinger such lands as are ............. estated oppon my ............ after my father's death the particulares is beast known to my father ........................ my  father and brouther Domenicke if they soe think fitt That my howse in Corcke and the lands of Le.................
 etc., by convayd to my brouther Thomas Copinger, and lett the lands of Keldemus, etc., be convayed to my Brouther Walter Copinger ........... there heires ........... of chiffe rentt to my Brouther domenick and his heires wherein god derectt them all for              Charity ........... my couscens to determine th................boutt freelie confiding ...............my Brouther Frances and my ...................... in consence that Thomas and Walter by ........................... in there .................. meanes for to make three howses is more likely to continnue my father's memory goe directt there ........................ to his glory][1]

I leaue my brouther Domenicke my ploush shoote, satteen sute, and furniture belonging to them, he knowing they are span newe for I never used them.

I leaue my brouther Tho: my Tauney satteen doublett and hose suteable, and all the furniture belonging to them with my sowerd, silver hangeres, and girdell, and my newe sadell that I never used.

I leaue my Brouther walter my read gelding, Twentie of my yeoes and a Ram, and fower milch cowes and a boull.

I leaue my brother Tho: Twentie of my sheepe I bought of hem or more if hee thincke fitt for                the price of them betwne us whearof I paid hem twenty pounds sterg:

I leave donough McTeige Carthy tenn Sheepe the read garen I had from hem, and two of my cowes. I leave the ---- ead more I had from John Teige to be restored to hem .............. to be given back to John  Morfile.

I leave the greate black garen I had of Crouge o Keheleher her son to be restored to hem.

I leave to James, son of John mcTeige Tenn of my Sheepe.  I leave my nephew, James Copinger, my silck and silver garters                 an               my girdell, sutable together with my deamoned Ring Relequarie my chayne of goulde and Juell acording my ententt declare itt to my father.

I leave my father to take an estate from donough mc Teige in the ploughlande of maulemeam and Cnockinorteligh to remayne to him during his life with the rest of my lands, the remaynder to my brouther dominick and his heires males.

I leave my brouther James Lombard to make an estate to my father of the plough land of gariendrucke to remayne to hem with the rest of my lands during his liffe, the remaynder to my brother domenick and his heires males and for succession to my brother Tho: and walter and there heires males.

I leave my man humphry Sampson to my father and broutheres and I leave hem fortie shillings per annum annuitie to be paid hem oute of the lands of yariendruske soe longe as he folowes my fathers howse  I desire my father to use hem kendly and mantayne him well and I comend hem to my brouthers and my nephew James Copinger.

I leave my boy feleme to my father praying hem to correctt hem and to make hem a man.

I leave my servant John hurly three pounds with my nagg Caled the sharrm and the beast of my cast sutes. 

I leave my man Richard barry fower pound, tenn sheepe, two of my garrens, and two of my cowes.

I leave to his shister margrett barry twentie shillings.

I leave my coussen Stephen Coppinger forty shillings and my second cast sute.

I leave to my neece Ellis gallwey fiz James left and charged by my sister Cathermin at her death the som of ten pounds.

I leave to my auntte Ellis Roch, wyddowe, two pounds ten shillings.

I leave Richard biron to levell acoumpte twenty shillings.

I leave Cornelius Clouane, showmaker, to levell acoumpts twenty shillings.

I leave tenn shillings apice to both the daughters of ------ margrett Barry.

I comend all my servants and tennantts to my father and brouthers, I desire my father to ............. them well and deale with them acording my intent and if my brouther domenick will not permit my foster brouther Richard barry to Injoy som half plough land of Co -----arough during my lease att the same rentt that now I pay,    That my father and brouther Tho: dispose him to som other convenent plase for his livlihood.

I desire my father out of the rents of the lands belonging to my to leave a compitentt portion to the marriage of my sister Margrett and to put the same in assurance for her use shee disposing herself with the consentt and choice of her friends.

I leave my father  20                                                               mourning ring.
To my brother domenick 20                                                    to make hem a ring.
To my brother 20                                                                                  to make hem a ring.
To each of my brouthers and sister                                      a pice to make them a mourning ring.
To each of my brouthers in law and sisters in law                                              for the like use.
To my neeces Alson, Ellen, Marry, and Victoria                                           use for the like use.
To my coussen Robert Copinger fz Dominick                                           to make hem a ring.



his     mark

I leave, constitute, and apoint my father sole exeutor of this my last will and to receive all maner of debt or debts due unto my and                   to: to colectt all my rents and debts as aforesaid to discharge my debt and all legacies as aforesaid.

I desire my father for Jesus Christes sake and for his one naturall goodenes to perfourme and all outher things wherein I have aquinted hem with my mynd truly and realey, and that with all convenient speede and for all other things beloining to my I leave itt to my fathers disposition as hee thinckes fitt.

And in testimony that this is my last will and testament
I haue hereunto subscribed my name and fixed my seale
the one thousand six hundred and thertie five.
Being present at the ensealling and whose names en
Richard Goulde
James Lombarde
Stephen Coppinger.


Whereas I, the undernamed James Coppinger fitz Walter, after writting my last will and testament did by certaine occasions, and yett doe concaive that my Brother domenick Coppinger would not performe that point of my last will, whereby I have bequetheth my house in Corcke and the lands of Lythy Clara &c., to my Thomas Coppinger and the lands of Killdeynyne, &c., to my Brother Walter Coppinger. Now therefore (being as yett god be praised in perfitt sence and memorie) to alter the said point of my last will, I do hereby as by true and effectuall point of my last will and testament, recall the aforesaid point (inasmuch as itt is conditionall and referringe the disposition of the said lands vnto my ffather and Brother domenick) b----- by these presents as by a point of my last will -----der ordaine the disposition of the said land [a line obliterated by wear ]ffirst wthout my relation or reserment unto my ffather or Brother domenicke I do hereby as by apoint of my last will and testament obsolutlie leave and bequeath unto my brother Thomas Coppinger and his heires males lawfully begotten or to be begotten, my house in Corcke and the lands of Lishy Clara, &c., paying out of every plowghland Tewlfe pence sterling yearlie rent unto my Brother domenick Coppinger and his heires.

Secondlie (also wthout any relation or reservment unto my ffather or Brother domenicke) I doe by these presents as by apoint of my last will and testament absolutly leave and bequeath unto my brother Walter oge Coppinger and to his heires males lawfullie begotten or to be begotten the lands of Killdeynyne, &c., payinge likewise Tewlfe pence sterlinge yearlie rent out of every plough land to my Brother domenick Coppinger and his heires.

As for the rest of all my lands I leave and bequeath them unto my Brother domenicke Coppinger and his heires males, &c., after my ffathers death ffor the confirminge whereof and in wittness that all these premises are true points of my last will and testament, I doe hereby ordaine that the aforementioned conditionall point (which is the fourth point of my testament) be crossed out of my will and not taken or esteemed as any pte of my will and testament.  And these points withall other points (that one excepted) in my will contained be absolutlie taken, understood, and observed as they are set downe, as true points of my last will and testament, appointing my dearelie beloved ffather sole executor of my last will and testament.

In wittness whereof as also of all the premises I have hereunto put my hand and seale in the presence of the underwritten witnesses this last daie of September, 1635.

Being present when the aforenamed Mr
James Coppinger did put his hand and
Seale hereunto acknowledging itt to be
his last will and Testament.[2]

The next brother of James, Thomas - was outlawed for taking part in the rebellion of 1641.  In the Commonwealth Volumes, in the Irish Public Record Office, vol. 39, is the following entry:-

"Thomas Copinger fitz Walter.

David Mahony, sworn, sayeth: He received many English into his castle, David Nagle and his family, and divers others in ye first year of ye rebellion, and that his castle was burned for going to Ld. Pliurbush, yt. it cost him 3li for curing an English man, yt. was wounded by ye rebells, yt. he paid contribution. Indicted in Michaelmas tearme, 1642, Court will consider."

[1] The portion in brackets is struck out in the original Will.

[2] The Will and this Codicil are written upon one sheet of foolscap paper.  The Codicil commences on the lower half of the third page of this sheet and is concluded on the fourth page.  There is no signature of testator or of witnesses at the foot of the Codicil.  There is an obliterated grant of probate (merely a few lines) here, the greater part of which was on the exposed surface of the Will as folded up.  It does not appear to whom the grant was made.

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