(11)  Edmond Copinger

He is called both Edward and Edmond in certain documents.  By the Will of his father he is left the town and lands of Kyleny, Cahirrowe, Awlloorde, and the two Cowle J Kyerane, which he had in mortgage of several sums of money.  His father also left him an estate tail in the messuage or tenement which he had purchased from Galway, chief of the name.  He is mentioned in the Will of Sir Robert Copinger, 10th March, 1671, and his son John is also there referred to.

The following deed illustrates what was said in the notice of his brother Thomas. 

"23 July, 1636.  Indenture made at Cork between Edmond Coppinger fz. John, of Cork, gent., of one part, and Dermod McDonoghie oge Carthy, of Downque, gent., and Callaghane McDoughie Carthie, of Kylenycahir-roone of sd Co, gent.

Witness - that when sd Dme D. & C. McD. by a writing made according to the statute for the recoverie of Debts taken and acknowledged before Will. Roch, of C. afsd Ald. and Maior of the Staple and Middior and Avaltine, one of the Constables of sd Staple are bound to sd E. C. in the sum of 320 pounds sterling, &c."

This deed is signed in the presence of Robert Copinger.

His eldest son John made his Will in 1725 and an extract[1] is given below:

Will of John Coppinger dated 1st September 1725.

Domini Christo et In nomine sanctissimo.

Imprimis September 1st 1725.  To avoid confusion and trouble in such cases a--- being myself (God be praised) sound of mind and perfect memory but in health of body much impaired I dispose of what little earthly substances I am possessed of making this my last Will and testament and constituting and appointing Mr. Joseph Ronaine, Mr. John Healy and my brother George Coppinger as trustees and executors.

2.  All inheritance I ought to have from or by my father, mother or grandfather with all ye writings or deeds thereto relating I bequeath and leave to my brother George Coppinger and his heirs and also a hundred pounds sterling of my own acquisition, or ye equivalent to his liking.

3.  I leave to my nephew John Coppinger seventy pounds sterling and all ye books and manuscripts now in my room.

4.  I leave to my neice Joane Curtaine als Coppinger fortie pounds sterling.

5.  To my nephew Luke Keeffe I leave fifty pounds sterling and to my nephew John Keeff ye somme of twenty pounds sterling and to their sister Gillie McCrith als Keeffe ten pounds sterling.

6.  To my nephews Samuel Terrold and Andrew Terold to each three pounds sterling if either comes home within two years, otherwise ye sums to be given to their sisters.

7.  To my neices Elenor Croneen als Terold and Mary Terold her sister I leave where their father and they live in and have formerly taken by lease from Jos. Roche Esq and laid out a great deal of money in building ye same, ye house left them enjoye between them or fiftie pounds sterling to be paid to them by their father at his election.

8.  All ye expenses of my burrial - I desire to be as plain as my trustees shall think convenient, I leave twenty pounds sterling in ready cash.

9.  To Fr Donnough McCarthy my parish priest I leave ten pounds sterling, and to ------Sarsfield his brother and Fr Jim McCarthy I leave three pounds sterling fee saying masses for my souls salvation.

10.  To Patrick Gallway living in Ronans Alm or poor house without South gate I leave fortie shillings.

11.  To ye said poor or alms house of ye Ronains to be laid out in bed close or as Fr. Colman Sarsfield shall think convenient I leave four pounds.

12.  To each of ye -- prisons north and south I leave fortie shillings to be distributed to ye prisioners without distinction of country or religion as Mr John Dean shall think convenient.

13.  To each of my godchildren re Margaret Croneen daughter to William Croneen in Cottners Lane and Mary Carmody daughter of Mr Edmund Carmody ye appothercary - to each I leave five pounds sterling.  Mr. Carmody has his daughters share.

14 In ye north chappele or map house where I desire to be layd confined from my death to my burrial for its reparation I leave five pounds sterling.

15.  I leave ye house wherin I live as also my rooms with all ye furniture, hangings, chaires, tables, bedrooms and other conveniences thereto also me belonging (except such as hereafter I shall mention for others) as also all my linnen and woolen apparel to my brother George Coppinger.

16.  I leave to my cousin Stephen of Ballyvolane as he promised me and as a token to remain always in ye house I leave my gold enambled watch, and an enambled gold portraiture of ye virgin Mary of ye same work with it I leave to Catherine Ronaine also Coppinger his sister.

17.  To my cousin Thomas Coppinger of Carhue I leave his fathers note to me many years past, past for ten pounds sterling in good gold and silver then to him lent and never since payd: as also five pounds sterling if my trustees can conveniently do it.

18.  To my cousin Luke Coppinger I leave a silver cased watch and my silk nightgown to my cousin Bridget Coppinger als Archdeacon his spouse.

19.  To my sister in law Mary Coppinger als Goold I leave five pounds sterling and fifteen shillings to my brother in law William Terrold.

20.  To counsellor Andrew Morrough living near Mrs Pope's I leave five pounds sterling.

21.  To my worthy friend Mr William Masters living in ye north abby of St. Francis as a small token of his gratitude for mannifold kindnesses to me here to before I leave a guinea rng.

22.  A bond of five pounds sterling and another for twenty shillings passed to me for soe much money lent to John Barret ----- living in Bandon Road whose wife Elizabeth Carthy washed for me these many years past, I desire that ye said bond and leases belonging to ye said Barret pledged to me hereto for ye said money and two small rings of his pledged to me for one pound five shillings I desire ye all be delivered to ye Barret without principal or interest.

23.  For all ye ---- and bills made over to me and now by me made over to ye uses hereto fore mentioned I desire ye no interest.

25.  A few plate I have in my room I thus dispose of a silver sauce spoon to me niece Bridget Keefe als Roly another to each of my nieces Ellinor and Mary Terold and one to Mrs Margaret Gallway als Roche without South Gate whose husband Andrew Gallway ows me twelve pounds ten shillings which if my trustees could conveniently doe above satisfying ye necessary lyaws I should be very glad this should be placed among insolvments.

29.  That resigning my soul to ye Holy Trinity and my body to be buried in ye parish churchyard of St. Mary of Shandon as near to ye place where my cousin Fr Walter Coppinger is burried as can be so desiring my trustees to oblige all and I implore clergy and others who of this ye effects of my labour any way may profits with them hearty prayers to invoke of God Almighty ye forgiveness of my sins and that my soul with those of my parents and dearest friends might eternally rest with my saviour Jesus Christ his blessed mother and saints.  I conclude ye day and year above mentioned.

Signed and sealed in  John Coppinger
presence of David Mahony  seal
Luke Shea Bull

Edmond's second George made his will dated 26th November 1736.  The following small extract is taken from the notebook of Valentine J. Coppinger.

1737  The last will and testament of George Coppinger late of the city of Cork Chirurgeon barber deceased 5th May 1737.

To my son John Coppinger my dwellinghouses subject to the - - - in the - - - house and the commons in Colemans Lane subject to - - -

To my daughter Joan Curtain als Coppinger my house at or near Youghall Hill in the north liberty of said city.  Subject to - - -

To my brother in law William Terrell - - -

Dated 26 November 1736.

[1] This copy, missing some paragraphs, has been taken from the notebook of Valentine J. Coppinger.

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