(1)  John Copinger

It is not unlikely though by no means certain that the following, which are amongst the Fiants Ed. VI. and Elizabeth, referred to this gentleman-

1548 (161)  Pardon to John Copynger of Corke, Merchant 4 May ii. (Cal. P. R., p. 162, art. 55.)

1567 (791)  Pardon to John Copinger bailiff of Cork and to Stephen Copinger and Peter Copenger of the same, Merchants.  28 June ix.

"For that all these are men sufficient & knowen to be allway answerable the priviso is omitted."

1567 (910)  Lease under commission at Dublin 26 Sept. ix. to John Coppinger of Cork, gent., of the site of the house of Augustin friars by Cork, and the third of a water-mill and its tithes in Dowglas Yerraghe near the city.  To hold for 21 years, at a rent of l6s. 8d.  6 Oct.ix.

1569 (958)  A lease under letters, Greenwich, 20 April x. to Andrew Skyddie, gent., recites a lease by the Prior  and Brethern of S. John of Jerusalem XXXI, Hen. VIII. to John Copinger of Cork, Merchant, of the rectory of S. John Baptist by Cork, and the chapel of S. Anne there and of all their lands, &c., next the City of Corke, except a garden occupied by William Lumbard for thirty-one years, at a rent of £3. 13s. 4d. l5 June xi.

From the Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, Ed. VI., vol. i., we take the following:‑

1548, June 27 Cork.26. Mayor, Bailiffs, and Council of Cork, to Sir Edward Bellyngham, Knight, one of the King's Majesty's Privy Chambers, and Lord Deputy of Ireland, have sent the bearer, John Copinger, to the King, to procure the ratification and confirmation of their grants and liberties. 

On the 31st January, 1549, the Mayor of Cork remonstrated with the Lord Deputy against Mr. Goldsmith[1] and his attorney John Coppinger, having a patent to be gauger and searcher of the City of Cork contrary to their charter.  This may have reference to the subject of the present notice, but there is some doubt.  He is probably the person mentioned in the Inventory of goods of John Teige McCartie, of Cork, Merchant, 23 Dec., 1577.[2]

John Copinger appears to have married Kateryne Roche, daughter of Dominick Roche and Genett Goul, as may be inferred from the following extract from Tuckey's "Cork Remembrancer," under the date 1553.

"1553 January 13.  Among the Roche MSS. is extant a Bond of this date whereby John Copinger, a merchant of Cork, bound himself to Dominick Roche of the said city, merchant, in a penalty of £100  'to accomplish and fulfil his promise, oath, and fidelity with the above named Dominick, and according thereto to marry and take to his wife one Kateryne Roche, daughter of the said Dominick and Gennett Goul, at such time and season as they should appoint, and never to obtain a divorce or separate from the said Kateryne even though he may be enabled to do so by any of the courts of Law spiritual or temporal.'"

John Copinger's Will was dated 1571, and though a copy of it was in existence a few years since, it cannot now be discovered.

[1] On 1 Oct., 1548, John Goldsymyth, gent., was appointed to the office of guager and searcher of the ports of the City of Cork, and the town of Kinsale, during pleasure.  (P. and C. Rolls)

[2] "I have park Hyernani, half an acre na Keny Cryhie, and three stangs Bele y Wohyr, a garden from my gossip John Copinger, and his heirs in mortgage." Appendix A to the Council Book of the Corporation of Cork, by Dr. Caulfield.

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