(7) Thomas Coppinger


He is, in 1602, mentioned among the State Papers of this period.

The chapel (St. Mary's, Youghal) was taken down in 1782.  A large mound of earth and rubbish half-covered some curious sculptured tombs.  In 1814, Ed. Allen, Churchwarden, applied himself to clear away this encumbrance, and in the course of the necessary excavations was found a pectoral cross, lying deep, with a human skeleton beneath it.  There were three table-tombs within the ruins of the chapel.  The oldest was to the memory of Richard Nagle, 1605.  The second, in point of date, covered the remains over which the cross was lying, and should therefore be specially noticed.  On the horizontal slab is a cross-fleury moribed in a wheel.  At the side of the shafts of the cross, suspended by a ribbon from the limbs, are two shields - the dexter bearing the arms of Coppinger, and the sinister those of Ronane, and round  the edge of the slab, the inscription : -


The third tomb is of a similar character, and was erected to the memory of Thomas Coppinger, son of the aforesaid Edward, who died 18th September, 1642.[1]

The cross is of bronze and one was gilt, hollow within, opening on a hinge, the interior being divided for the deposition of relics.  The prayer of the penitent thief, "Domine memento mei," is engraven in Roman letters.  The reverse is ornamented in Late Gothic style.  This interesting relique was a few years since in the possession of the Rev. Dr. Neligan, rector of St. Mary's Shandon, Cork.  On the dispersion of his valuable collection, it was sold in London, 20th January, 1851, by Messrs. J. Leigh Southeby and John Wilkinson to the purchaser, T. Bateman, Esq., of Yolgrave, near Bakewell, Derbyshire, at the price of 3. 6s.[2]

In addition to the Coppyngers mentioned above, the following are mentioned in the Council Book of Youghal, under the following dates :  -

Robert, 1610.
Patrick, 1610, 1611, 1612, 1613, 1614.
John, 1612, 1613, 1614, 1620, 1625, 1626, 1627, 1631, 1632.
Adam, 1614, appointed a taxer of the town 1615.
Adrian, 1614, 1615, 1629, 1638.
Roger, 1624, 1626, 1627, 1628, 1629, 1630, 1635, 1636, 1637, 1639.
James Fitz Adam, 1629, 1637.
John Fitz Dominick, 1629.
James, 1630, 1631, 1633, 1636, 1637, 1638, 1639, 1640.
Ambrose, 1631, 1633, 1641, 1642.
Walter, 1634, 1639, 1640.
Ellen Coppinger, als Walsh, relict of Patrick C., 1634.
Thomas, 1635, 1639.
Stephen, 1635, 1638, 1643.

[1] This man is mentioned in the Coucil Book of Youghal twice only, in 1642 and 1643.

[2] Ulster Journal, Vol.II., p.115.


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