(4)  William Copinger


On the 8th October, 1610, he was sworn Sword Bearer of the City of Cork for the year, and again on the 7th October, 1611, for the year.

The following entry is contained in the Council Book of the City of Cork.

"1612 Oct. 26.  William Copinger fitz James is allowed for his attendance on the Mayor this year as occasion shall service 3li. 6s. 8d. and his diet."

He appears to have been sworn counsellor of the City of Cork in 1628, the entry on the 3rd September of that year being

"William Coppinger fitz James is sworn free, paying 33s. 4d. to Dominick White in part of his entertainment."

There is an entry in the Council Book on the 30th January, 1618,

"Robt Coppinger fitz William is sworn one of the attornies of the City,"

but it is doubtful if this be the son of the William above mentioned.

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