Grant from the King to Walter Coppinger 6th December 14th


In or near Carbery Bar.  The town and lands of Gortnehorny,* Lisspowky,* Gortenneanugge,* Garryv-Jasoge,* Mauleneskemnahan,* and Killenemaule,* 4 car. in Slught-Owen: saving the right and claim of Owen McDermod to these lands; and saving all chief rents, services, royalties, and customs, and all rights whatever due to Donnell McCartie, the King's ward: Ballynicloghy, 1 car. Currycrowly otherwise Courecrowly, 1 1/2 car. the castle, town, and lands of Downebekon, 3 car. viz. Downebekon, on which the castle is built, 11/2 car. Caher, Cloghanencarren and Leaspiry, 1 1/2 car. in Evahagh: Aghagvhin, 3 car. in Clandermod; the castle and two car. of Monitine otherwise Momtine or Mointine, called by the names of Slugoden, Sifine, and Mawlerawre: Killgaruff, 3 car. in Tanaistah: Kylynitig, Ballinvullane, and Mawlevarten in Tanaistah, 1 car. and 9 gnives; Balliniclashy, 1/2 car. in Malevoge qr; in said qr, 1 car. in Evahah; Killian , 1 car. in the qr of Caharroweclogh in Evagh: Leynanagh, 1/2 car. in the same; the castle, town, and lands of Doonmanus, containing 6 1/2 car. in Ivahagh, viz. Fanaghmore, 1 car. Gortieowen, and Turin‑Ivangan, 1 car. Malleteghan, 1/2 car. Mauleneskehe, 1/2 car. Skartganiff and Kilmanagh otherwise Kiletvinane, 1 car. [Rankagh] Skrahanygloghfwn, Banetonecan, Garrannenassy, 1/2 car. and Cownaney, 1/2 car. each in Ivahagh; Leamecon castle, and the 2 car. of Rinard and Ardirivoyny, in Ivahagh: Keahiryvaran, Kilmury, Ballytrasny, Garran, and Kilpatricke, 3 car. in Ivahagh; Rahelahiff, and Shanknock, 3 car. in Ivahagh, 2/3 of 1/2 car. of Mallinkilly and Crowirhir, in the qr and island of Inisfaddy in Ivahagh: Ardmane otherwise Ardemeana and Clohiragh, 1 car. Dyresmore otherwise Dorryomoore, 1/2 car. Drinane, 1/2 car. Dirryleary otherwise Dyrylearie, 2 car. of Cowriske, 1/2 car. Downekilly, 3 car. the West Knockphonery, 1 car. in [Kiltallowe] Dromegaruffe and Knockvickgullebride, 3 car. in Clancromin; 4 gnives in the 1/2 car. of Madaine, and 5 gnives in Garrowvalder, in the same; in Carrigoneda, 1/2 car. Clonecorbane, 1/2 car. and 2 gnives of Direneskellan in Carowalder in Ballymcowen; Currowmcteige, 1 car. Lurga and Coolenegarran, 1 car. Dirrenevangan, 1/5 car. in Cooreniller, 1 car. in Dromigh, 1/5 car. in Curroneih, 1 car. and 1/2 and 1/6 car. Gortegolane, 1/2 car. Bloid, 1 car. Farrengilleevihill, 1 car. in Balaconerane, 2/3 car. in West Coroneih, 1/3 car. Glanegale, 1 car. Banegolupy, 8 gnives: Gortnemucklagh 1/2 car. in Cooreniller, 8 gnives: Dromige, 1/2 car. Toorenesellane, 1/2 car. Shanvallyard, 1/2 car. of Dromege, 8 gnives: Lissynowhe, 1/2 car. in Skeigh, 4 gnives; Toynie otherwise Toineballinbrack, and Balhinebreake, 3 car. in Kiltallowe; Caher otherwise Caher-Icrowly and Teenheh, 3 car. Bohigaillan otherwise Behigullan, 1 car. in Lishellan, 1/2 car. called the South half plowland: in Lackenemadrie, 1/6 car. in Knockganiff, 1 car. Malla otherwise Malloe, 1 car. Annaherlicke, 1 car. parcel of Drumfeigh qr; Gort-Iskibboll otherwise Gortniskubboyle, 5 gnives in Dromfeigh qr; Shanlarragh, 1/2 car. parcel of the qr of Garowgaruff all in Kiltallowe.  The following chief rents: out of the car. of Golan otherwise Gillan car. 4s 5d; out of Grillagh, 2s 3d; out of the north car. of Lisillan, 5s 4d; out of the west car. of Knockponerie 4s 51/4d; out of the rest of Knockponerie 11s 6 3/4d; out of Garranard, 5s 4d; out of the west car. of Croghan, 5s 4d; out of Drometecloghy 1 1/2 car. 1l 2s 0d; out of Kannagh, 14s 8d; out of Kineghbegg, the like; out of Carrownemadrie qr, 2l 2s 0d; out of Gortroe and Carrigrinagh, parcels of Carrowgarruff qr, 1l 2s 0d; out of Dromfeagh car. in Dromfeah qr, 5s 3d; out of Farrenmean otherwise Farrenmane, 7 gnives in Dromfeigh qr, 3s 1 1/4d; out of Altagh-reagh, 14s 8d, all sterling money. The east car. of Ballyviloien otherwise Ballyviloyneightragh; Farrenslinogie, 1/2 car. in Addervaill qr, 2 car. all in Slughtcormocknekelly; Ballinward, 1 car: Lissnebrinny-Irreragh otherwise East Lissenebrinny, 1 car. Knockea, 1 car. all in Glanvollen: 1 1/2 gnive of the 1/2 car. of Litter; the 10 western gnives of Cashelloskie car. the eastern car of Darygra-Irreragh in Slughtcormocknekilly: 4 gnives in the car. of Cahercounwoy in Glanyvollin; eight gnives inthe same; the fourth part of the chief rent of 7s sterl. out of the 6 car. of Litter and Ardahell in Montervarry: three-fourths of said rent of 7s out of the same: in Dromleggagh, 2 car. in Ballyvoige, 1 car in Ballymcowen, 1/2 car. in Glancromin; in Currycholight, 1 1/2 car. in Slughteige O Mahon; Rathtrovanbeg, 1/2 car. Rinecomlane, Inaghoghtie, Kealafadda, and Eskdoni, in all, 1 car in the same; Keilegarranard, 4 1/2 gnives, parcel of the car. of Garranard in Kiltallow: in Kealhy, 1/2 car. in the territory of Muntervarry; the town and 3 gnives in Crawe and Inishfada in the territory of Ivahagh; in Furrowe, 1/2 car. in the territory of Clanlaghlin; in Keylebeg, 3 gnives; Ballinecarrigeh otherwise Rossmore, 1 car. in Glanvollin; in Dirrniskellan, 5 gnives on the western side; in Madain, 2 gnives; the western plowland of Knockullen; in Cashelluskie, 2 gnives; in Litter, 5 1/2 gnives; in Ballydoonosy, 5 gnives in Slughdonogh; Knockaneroe, 7 gnives in the plowland of Killin; 3 gnives in the half plowland of Artiteige; in Ballybroonagh, 5 1/2 gnives; Slevine, 1/2 car. in Slughdonogh; the middle plowland in manshee qr in Clancromine; in Eastcrohan, 4 gnives; in Ballydoonosy, 7 gnives; in Corowrane, 3 1/2 gnives; in Killin, 3 gnives in Corrowane, 2 gnives; in Ballinebroonagh, 1 gnive; in the same 2 1/2 gnives; in Artyteige 1 1/2 gnives; in Carrowrane, 1 1/2 gnives; in Ballybroonagh, 1 gnive; in Artiteige and Ballybroonagh, 2 1/2 gnives; Ballinkeady 1/2 car. in Slughtdonogh; Lishinline, 1/2 car. in the same; in Kilvurry, 1 car. half of Carran plowland in Clantegeillen; Killneclashe, 1 car. Malbracke, 1/2 car. of Reachane, 8 gnives; the other half of Carran plowland; Lissineroe and Killingeskagh, 1 car. Lahertidaly, 1/2 car. of Cloghboly, 4 gnives; Gubbin, 1 car. in Evahagh; the castle, town and lands of Fiall, containing 3 car., viz., 1 1/2 adjoining the castle and the other called Knockaneedin and Currygullegran in the puble of Slughtglasse.  The lands marked thus * are created the manor of Gortenehorny, with 500a in demesne; power to create tenures; to hold courts leet and baron; to hold a Thursday market at the town of Riene on the lands of Dyrrynynalane and a fair at the town of Keilecowlecrahen on the lands of Tuoghmoyltie, on the feast and morrow of St. Bartholemew, unless said feast day occur on saturday or sunday, in which case the fair is to be held on the monday and tuesday following;[8] with a court of pie-powder and the usual tolls; no rent reserved - To Hold forever of the Castle of Dublin, in common socage - 6 Dec. 14th.

[8] See too Charters and Grants of all Fairs and Markets in Co. Cork, enrolled in the Patent Rolls of His Majesty's High Court of Chancery, preserved in the Rolls Office, Dublin.  Brit. Mus., Eger.76.




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