Grant from the King to Walter Coppinger 28th June 13th


In Carbrie Bar. The Castle, town and lands or qr of Cloghan,* otherwise Cloghan-Igargh, 3 plowlands: in Ballicomane,* 1/2 plowland: rent £2 : 3 : 4d: Ir. Balliowrane,* 3 plowlands: Clonecoggir,* 3 plowlands, rent £1 : 4 : 0d : Lishenorhigh otherwise Lishorierigh* and Inshinecottagh,* 3 plowlands: rent 4s - Cullinagh* Gortdromagh* Maulenehagalshie* and Clonkine* 3 plowlands and 3 gnives: Adergole,* Cloghboelly,* Dirrileigh,* and Shrilane,* containing 3 plowlands.  Lisclaraghmore,* Lisclaraghbegg,* and Corriboly,* 3 plowlands: Marrahen,* 1/2 qr: the castle, towns, and lands of Kilefinane,†˚ Kileloghan,†˚ Maelledama,†˚ Ballytony,†˚ Cregg†˚ and Drombeg,†˚ 2 plowlands and 9 gnives; the castle, town, and lands Dirrinyvaldane† otherwise Dirrinyvanlane, Glannyroweragh,† Killineleigh,† Rine,† Ballyvirine† meoale or Neoale,† Cowrinowhoige† or Cowricowhige, and Ballinegornigh,† 6 plowlands and 2 gnives: half of the castle, town, and half qr of Rinecoolecusky,* containing 3 plowlands; half of the island, town, and lands of Inishidriskell,* containing 3 3/4 plowlands; half of the island or town of East-Inishcame,* 3/4 plowland; half of the town or plowland of Lishenrie otherwise Lishirie,* containing 1 plowland; half of Rinenysinnagh,* containing 1/2 plowland; half of Kilsarlaghta or Kilfarlagh otherwise Kilsarelaghtie,* containing one plowland in Colhibeg; half of Leighclone,* Knock-Icullen,* and Moninefarne otherwise Monynifarny,* 3 plowlands; half of Rathquine,* 1/2 plowland; half of Faherla otherwise Follierlagh,* 1/2 plowland; half of Litterskanlon otherwise Litterskanlane,* 1 plowland; half of Shronekineagh otherwise Shronekinneh,* half of Rinemoroghow,* half of Moughnagbane,* each one plowland; half of Moughnaghneglogh,* half plowland in Colhibeg; half of the half plowland called Torke;* 1/2 of the 1/2 plowland of Pollencally;* 1/4 of the plowland of Lyshinyegh-tragh,* all in Colhibeg; in Rinegreny,† 2 plowlands lying in Clanlghlin; Cloghanmore,* 2 plowlands in Clantiegellen; Towghmealche†, 7 plowlands in Clanlaghlin; Ballywholochan otherwise Ballihowlighan,† Knock-Iganiffe, otherwise Knockneganiffe,† and Garran-Igriskin otherwise Garraneny-griskine,† 2 plowlands; a chief rent of 5s 7d Eng. out of 1/2 plowland in Coolenevarnoge otherwise Coolenyfaringe, 2 gnives in Killenleigh, and 2 gnives in Ballyvirnie in Glanrowragh qr; out of Knockrodan otherwise Knockridane, 1s 6d; out of 5 gnives of Creg, Knockanemore, and 4 gnives of Drombegg, 7s 9d; out of 6 plowlands of Barraghvilly, 4l; out of Aghagwihine qr 2l; out of 2 1/2 qrs of Bollicomon 1l 5s 0d; out of Cahir qr in Muntervarrie, 13s 4d; out of Ballyorrow qr, 13s 4d; out of Ardagh, 1l 17s 4d; out of Oldcourt 1l 17s 4d; out of Ballienard, 10s; out of Glanfoine, 10s; out of Farrenencowise, 2l 3s 4d; out of Ballinegornaghneganeneagh, 10s; out of Kilnesclashie, Maelbrack, Laertedaly, Reagcame, Cloghbooly, Carran, Cloghanmore, Lissinerow, and Kilnegospagh, 2l 6s 8d - the town and lands or 2 qrs called Barreaghvilly,* containing 6 plowlands; rent 1l 4s 0d; Lissan otherwise Lishane* and Bohernibridagh,* 3 plowlands; rent 14s - Aghill,* 3 plowlands; Inshnynynawe or Inshinynawe,†˚ Killebegg,†˚ Killenleagh otherwise Killinenyleigh,†˚ Cowlenefarloge otherwise Coolenevarnoge,†˚ Ballyvirrine,†˚ and Knockridane,†˚ 3 plowlands; Knockanmore†˚ and Cregg†˚ 1 plowland and 3 gnives; rent for all the lands marked †, 18s 8d - in Littertinlis,* Littermelis,* and Courenesen otherwise Corrinshin,* a castle and 1 1/2 plowland: Smoran, 1 plowland; saving to Donnell McCartie, now in the King's keeping, all chief rents, customs, and privileges due or payable to any of his ancestors and all his right to the premises and every part thereof.  The lands thus marked * are created the manor of Cloghanmore, with 1000a in demesne; power to create tenures; to hold courts leet and baron.  The lands thus marked ˚ are created the manor of Kilfinane with 600a in demesne, and the like privileges as Cloghanmore: To Hold forever as of the Castle of Dublin in comon soccage.- 28 June 13th.




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