Petition of James Copinger, 1700 [2]


To the Honble the trustees appointed for putting in execucon the powers and authorities contained in an act of Parliament lately made in England intituled an act for granting an aid to his Majestie by sale of the forfeited and other estates and interests in Ireland, and by a Land Tax in England for the severall purposes therein mentioned.

The Humble petition and claime of James Coppinger, of Lisapoole, in the County of Cork, gent.

Sheweth that Walter Coppinger, formerly of Rincoolisky, in the County of Corke, Esquire, the complainant's grandfather, being seized in ffee of the Townes and lands of Glanagoul and Kilantin, in the County of Corke aforesaid [executed a mortgage as recited in the deed of 1st September, 1679, p. 119]. 

That the counterpart of the said deed which was perfected by the said mortgagee to the said Walter Coppinger the mortgagor, was lost or mislaid in the late troubles soe that the claimant cannot produce the same.

That the said Walter Coppinger afterwards by his deed dated the first day of September, Ano Domi 1679 [reciting the deed which is set forth on p. 119].

That the said Walter Coppinger soon afterwards dyed, by and after whose decease the power of redemption of the premises was vested in and came to the said Dominick either as heire att law to his said ffather or else had the same in him before by force and vertue of the said deed.

That the said mortgage and the interest thereof by mesne conveyances came to ffrancis Roch, now of Trabulgane, in the County of Corke, gent., who as this complainant is informed stands indicted but not convict of high Treason by him (as is alleadged) committed since the 13th day of ffebruary, Ano domini 1688.

That the said Dominick Coppinger is dead, by and after whose decease all his right, tytle, interest, and demand to and in the premises descended and came to the clainmant, which matters he doth averr and is ready to prove and to prevent any prejudice that can or may accrew by the attainder or conviccon of the said ffrancis Roch.

The clainmant claimes the said lands and the equity of redemption thereof and humbly prays that this his claime may be allowed, &c.


Signed by the clainmant
this 13th day of July, Ano. Domi. 1700
and in the presence of vs
Richard ffrench
Phill: Crofts
Edw. Webber.




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